Thursday, July 06, 2006

Inspired by shopping for a new car...

It's apparent for me that car manufacturers still believe that the only involvement of a woman in the purchase of a car is the color.

The naming of vehicles themselves lacks any 'romance'. With their dumb letter and number combinations it's more like a Bingo game call than a name to inspire or resonate with a buyer. Ford was experimenting when he came up with the Model T. I'm sure he thought more creative folks, the marketers, would come up with fancy names to sell 'em once there was more competition.

Seems color names are the way to seduce us. After all, they don't often use just 'red,' 'blue,' or 'orange.' This would make it seem as if the color names were to play to our girly senses of mood and emotion -- or just seem 'pretty.' But they fail miserably.

With color names like those listed below, the marketing department sure went 'creative'. But the color names are not descriptive; nor do they emote well.

"Platinum Gold" -- a color which satisfies the longings for neither

"Autumn Sunburst" -- which sounds like the horrible 'art' made with orange construction beams on Milwaukee's lakefront -- but it's not, it's named "The Calling"

"Nighthawk Black Pearl" -- which sounds like something the DNR wants to know about in dwindling bird populations -- i.e. 'Undesirable"

:sigh: I fear for the naming of these folks children. No imagination, no ability to think of how the random nouns and descriptors will sound all together like that.

If neither the car maker, model or color name 'grabs you' then how on earth are you supposed to believe those car ads where the vehicle is more than just transportation?

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