Friday, November 17, 2006


I spotted this blog title, "10 Tips to Grow Your Bag Fund Fast!", and I thought, hmmm, substitute 'lingerie' for 'bag' and this might be worth it. So I clicked on over.


So upsetting, it deserves repeating: Ack!

I know some ladies love handbags -- I love lingerie, so I'm not throwing stones here.

I know folks who adore to such degrees can be more than extravagant in their purchases. But when I read this list I not only read it but counted the beans along the way. In doing the math it seems handbags are more expensive than family trips to Disney theme parks.

I could buy myself a very nice purse, vintage & adorable, simply by doing #6, Make your own coffee and skip Starbucks and Dunkies. (Save up to $25 or more a week). Certainly four weeks would be enough for me to get a great handbag.

This list seemed more in line with budgeting to save for a home than a purse,

So I can't say this was worth reading simply for finding more scratch for lingerie -- but if you are the type who scrimps, saves and finances their fashion rather than their homes, family trips or children's education, then by all means, read and use her list.

As for me, I'll just say "Ack!" one more time and content myself with my smaller purchases which are far less threatening to the financial security of my family.

(I also had say "Ack!" again for trying to sound French by dropping in "pour moi" -- she may be able to pronounce it correctly to drop it in conversation, but she isn't spelling it correctly.)


Designer Ella said...

Thanks for linking to me. I think that if we follow the list instead of just spending too much, we can have the handbags and still have money. :-)

Please check out these links about the spelling:

I don't know how you thought "for me" was spelled. Thanks again, I hope we can agree to live and spend differently and still be friends. :-) Your post was amusing, with good points, and hey, we got a link.


Designer Ella said...

Oh I also want to add that I mention you can use the list for things like vacations. I'm using it for Disney, too. :-) Oh, and one more thing, you can use it for several handbags, like Coaches or used eBay bags. Heh.

SlipOfAGirl said...

It just astounds me that bags can cost so much and be worth so much effort! Even my lingerie passion is cheap by comparison.