Thursday, December 14, 2006

Remember Sanctuary?

Cher's first Sanctuary Catalogue was in 1994, and struggled due to what some said was being taken advantage of her for her lack of retail experience. She proportedly invested quite a bit of money, not only for inventory (to reproduce many historical antiques, create her own line of clothing, and purchase exclusive or limted designs) but to keep the catalog in print. She's been quoted as saying she invested enough for a five year commitment, but there were only two issues of the catalog.

Sanctuary 1995 Fall / Holiday Now demand for them means they fetch a price (for modern catalogs anyway).

Rumor has it that there's an online version of Sanctuary at her website,, but when I tried the 'store' link, I got a 404.

I have to wonder if Cher was ahead of her time. Seems Gothic is quite a popular now -- and I don't just mean silly little goth children, but Gothic with a capital G.

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