Thursday, June 21, 2007

13 Things I'm Looking Forward To On My Birthday (Tomorrow)

Thirteen Things about 13 Things I'm Looking Forward To On My Birthday (Tomorrow)

(In no particular order.)

1) A call from my mom.

2) Hugs from my kids -- and jokes that I am really, really old. :p

3) Hubby saying that I'm (still) the older woman of his dreams and that he can't wait 'til we're alone at night...

4) Hearing my family singing their off key, loud and hammy version of Happy Birthday To You -- to me!

5) Cake. Any cake is good, but birthday cake, "my cake," is the best. :D

6) An email from Marisa Haedike saying she needs my address to ship me "little sack belly" because a secret admirer has purchased the piece for me.

7) Dancing. On the porch, in the living room; alone or with members of my family; with music or without; it's all wonderful and makes me feel alive.

8) A birthday nap. (All alone, just me and the cool sheets... It's my day, and that's something I want!)

9) Presents! Hand made with love by little hands, pricey ones, dainty little unexpected surprises... Yummy!

10) A trip to a cemetery to look at all the graves marked with their birth (and death) dates -- to remind me that life is for the living, and as far as we know, this is a one-ride-only ticket. To ponder their lives, think of what we leave behind, and to respect and acknowledge that these people once walked here too, makes me feel that I too shall be remembered and honored somehow, some way...

11) Calls, well-timed cards, and blog comments from family & friends.

12) Wine coolers, maybe more dancing, with hubby on our porch late at night. We'll sit talking about our future, our past, our blessings. :dreamy sigh:

13) Hubby and I celebrating the occasion passionately!

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jennyr said...

wow! happy bday...and i hope u get all that in ur list..i'm sure u will! enjoy...

jennyr said...

oops! my TT is here!

Chris said...

Happy birthday!

Angela Giles Klocke said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I have one this next Tuesday, and do the "you're so old" jokes ever end? LOL!

impworks said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow :-)

Lori said...

Happy Birthday....although, I hate birthdays myself...may you have a great time whatever you do.

Just.Me said...

Happy Early Birthday! My favorite would be #8. I love a good nap.