Monday, June 25, 2007

A(nother) Trip To The Cemetery

As requested, we went to a cemetery on my birthday.

This was a cemetery I had not been to before and due to the river flooding, the old area with the hundred year old tombstones was swampy -- including the area where babies were buried. So we didn't go there and wandered the new area. There still were many lovely tombstones and monuments to look at.

This is a tombstone for a young lady, Lindsay, who died when she was just 12 years old. On the back, her own tender words about herself:
Creative, Friendly, Artistic, Cares,
Daughter of Janice and Dennis,
Cares deeply about her friends and family,
Who feels happy with her lifestyle,
Who needs an artistic world,
Who gives her heart to God,
Who fears death,
Who likes to see Summer,
Resident of North Dakota

This was a Catholic cemetery, complete with the pauper nun's burial area and the markers for kings (priests and bishops). I can live with that (just make a wry comment or two), but then I found this:

A freaking pro-lifer tomb for those "poor aborted babies."

Note that the unborn fetuses get a real tombstone while the nuns who have dedicated their lives to service get small cement slabs.

Note that the tissues identified as babies must be acknowledged, while the millions of neglected children, the homeless, the suffering parents in poverty, the number of unwanted children who roam the streets, all the parents who literally work themselves to death for children, and countless other humans victims of our fend-for-yourself-world have no marker.

Neither do the number of women who died in childbirth.

I'd like to buy a fancy tombstone for them all.

And for the number of women who've died from back alley abortions. Where's the pro-choice marker movement at?

How about one for the women stoned to death in judgement?

This is why hubby never takes me to Catholic cemeteries.

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