Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blog Show & Tell

Show us one post of which you are most proud/most pleased, but which received no comments.

Millefiori (Say It With An Accent), because it's quite possibly the sweetest, silliest, most self-deprecating and whimsical thing I have ever written. And it's all true.

Tell us what you expected to hear/read.

An "Awww" or two. Perhaps a few comments mocking me for my strangeness too. *wink*

Show us one blog you are jealous of or wish to emulate.

Many, many to choose from here... I'd have to say, today, that it's Creative Thursday.

Tell us why.

Because she can do something I just can't -- not just make art, but make it daily too!

Want to play along? It doesn't matter if you're too late to "whine on Wednesday." (It didn't bother me lol) Here's how:

1) Post your replies in your blog -- be sure to link to this post.

2) Then return here (and there) to post your name and the URL to your post.


Edward Wolf said...

I just came here after seeing you on Marketing Whore's meme.

I think your "Say It With An Accent" post was both cute and touching. You must be truly in love with your husband. Congratulations! He's a lucky guy.

SlipOfAGirl said...

Thanks! He'd say sometimes he's lucky, othertimes, he gets lucky -- and some days, he's just plain old cursed :p