Friday, June 29, 2007

Even In A Quiz I'm Not Izzy

:sigh: I was hoping to be Izzy, but I'm Meredith Grey in the Grey's quiz at Who's Your TV Alter Ego?, a website for the book by Noah Lusky.

Link found via Conversations With Famous Writers blog, where there's an interview with the author.


Bunny said...

Apparently I'm Cristina Yang!! Yipes! And on the Scooby quiz it said I'm a Daphne! No freakin' way - I'm totally a Velma. Who writes these things?

SlipOfAGirl said...

I wouldn't mind being Cristina... She actually reminds me of one of my best friends ;) When Cristina Yang cries, I have to cry cuz then it's "bad". ;)

This particular quiz maker is the author of the book, so you should challenge him for an explanation lol