Thursday, June 14, 2007

Millefiori (Say It With An Accent)

From Val Ubell (which must be a pen name, right?) writes of these paperweights:
I truly love the ones that have 'millefiori' centers. Loads of vibrant colors and very teeny-tiny. I understand that it means "1000 flowers" which is rather appropriate.

Now these are pretty pretty things, and I love to sit here and pronounce the name. Meelehfioray. MeeeelehfiORRayyy. Now I must have one; so thanks, Val, for your tip. (It's most Val-Ubell advice lol) My husband doesn't thank you, but I do.

Speaking of the hubby, he does these strange accents all the time. Actually, they are not really strange other than he just does them. And even that's not so honest... He mainly does them upon my request. So I guess that means hubby doesn't have strange accents, but rather that he has a strange wife. OK, I can accept that. Movin' on...

The other night we're watching TV and the newscaster mentions a local man's name -- I can't recall exactly what his name was. Something very Scandinavian or Norwegian. Nordic. Van Der Heusen or some such. For some reason, unknown even to me, I wanted to hear it pronounced as it should be.

So I turn to hubby and say, "Say his name -- with an accent."

Do you know what he does? He says it with a cowboy's southern drawl! Honestly. Who does that?

It was so unexpected that I about wet the sofa laughing. I laughed for like 5 whole minutes, which is really quite long. Go ahead, laugh for five whole minutes and see how exhausting that is.

A few minutes passed and I had another giggle fit.

Lather, rise, repeat -- I couldn't stop laughing.

So, now you knowa dat I lovea da accents.

And that I love to laugh.

His ability to make me laugh is my bouquet. My million flowers.


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