Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Whimsy, Philosophy, Integrity and Heresy

13 Things About Me

(Whimsy, Philosophy, Integrity and Heresy)

1) Last night I was blown away by the humility, wisdom and respect shown by Cedric on So You Think You Can Dance. He stood before judges who told him they may have made a mistake keeping him in last week, that he should go home; and he behaved with such grace. The crowd boo-ed the judges and this young man said not to boo them, that they don't understand that the judges are right, he needs more (formal) training. Who has such presence? At such a young age?! As amazing and beautiful to watch as any dance tonight. And kudos to Debbie Allen for offering him an 'open door' to her dance academy (I hope that means 'free').

2) I dream in color, love black and white films, and cannot paint worth crap.

3) That I am drawn to glamour, sweeping epics (in tales, in films, in music, in panoramic views), and romance is no surprise, right? This includes great Gothic architecture and stories. Coupled with my love of (and bouts with) melancholia and fascination with cemeteries may cause some to conclude I am a goth. That would be a mistake. In my opinion, life is too filled with wonder, sensual delights and color for me to be a follower of such a thing.

4) When I smell baby powder, I smell baby poop. I think most parents are so conditioned. So I don't wear products marked "baby powder" or "baby fresh scent."

5) When life hands you lemons, yet you are tired of the proverbial lemonaide, trade them for someone who has onions (stinky stuff) or oranges (which no one wants because you cannot rhyme with oranges). You will find yourself seeking new recipes, gaining a new outlook, and/or helping another. Maybe you'll find you'd prefer to stick with your own lemons.

6) It's fun to imagine yourself in a film noir as the gutsy dame in a killer shapely suit and blood-red lips, the one with attitude who is magnetically drawn to the wise-cracking strong male lead; but it's much nicer to end up living -- with or without the lead male you thought you should be with.

7) My cat's name is Pickles because when I brought her home, boy was I in one! (And she's one dilly of a cat!)

8) I believe that there's a special place in heaven for mothers of more than one boy. There has to be; that's the only way I make it through some days!

9) If you want that slow-motion-running-through-fields-of-daisies feeling to continue, you must at least take your partner to a field of daisies.

10) I believe in dragons and unicorns. Not just that they existed but as totem powers; and that they could return if only people once again took on those intense characteristics. (But no, I don't brake for them or anything.)

11) One of my favorite things is to have hubby read me a bedtime story from one of the many children's picture books in my own collection.

12) I believe that role-playing is a way to address life. You can be, at any given moment, the character you wish to be simply by exhibiting those characteristics for all to see. While costuming is optional, I strongly encourage it. If others are confused, it is only a sign of stretching their minds open.

13) My other blog was nominated, in three categories, for the Blogger's Choice Awards. (You could vote for me, if you'd like.)

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impworks said...

I've been writing a noir for a while. To make it authentic I've read a few books about the classic noirs and one interesting point was that the death rate in the classic is far higher for the men than the women.

Good luck with the awards

Rowena said...

Wow, I've missed a lot of SYTYCD because I've been out and about on the nights it comes on so I've missed Cedric and what not, but I remember his audition, atleast I think I do...=)

Congrats on the nominations though! That's great news for you! =)

Nicki Mann said...

Actually I never thought of the "baby powder" scent that way... maybe because in my family we usually use baby lotion instead, and it smells a little different. I am wearing baby powder deoderant right now... I hope passerbyers haven't been thinking to themselves that my armpits smell like poopoo!!!

Lori said...

Do you Reaaaaaaaaaaally dream in color or do you just think its color because of memory?

Melina said...

Great post, love what you wrote, I too dream in color, can't paint, and love epic movies. Congrats on the nominations!

My TT is up too, 13 sexiest musicians

Tink said...

Interesting list, nice to "meet" you!
Thanks for visiting my random TT. Sorry I'm this late in responding, had quite a few busy days!

SlipOfAGirl said...

Lori, how would I know the difference? lol

Nicki, I'm sure it's not. It's likely not strong enough to set off that idea -- at least I hope not ;)

Tink, no worries on being late!

Melina, I'll check you out and be even later than TInk lol