Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why Buy When You Could Win?

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Friday, July 27, 2007


Think your addicted to handbags? I mean you've got it sooooo bad that you need to get your hands on it somehow? Bag Borrow or Steal lets you borrow (rent) designer handbags and jewelry.

Today they launched "America's Ultimate Bagaholic Contest" looking for the country's most handbag obsessed woman.

Maybe you'll win the title of Chief Bag Officer, have the opportunity to carry six of Fall's hottest bags, blog about the experience and sharing your impressions with more than 250,000 passionate handbag-enthusiasts. You'll also enjoy a year of borrowing luxury handbags for free!

Entrants' videos will be judged based on creativity, audio/visual quality and, most importantly, expression of purse passion.

** All who enter will receive 20% off any luxury handbag they borrow at

America's Ultimate Bagaholic Contest Deadline is August 10, 2007.

Found via SpreeMail.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

13 Things Prompted By One Magazine Page

Thirteen Things Prompted From One Magazine Page

Life & Style brings you the weekend bag...

What frightens me more than I can really say is the Izod, err Lacoste bag.

(1) I'm old enough to remember when all the preppies wore Izod. I had generic polos, collar turned up, no sweater tied around my neck, but a real preppy had that all goin' on. (2) (Remember The Preppy Handbook?) Now we're supposed to call the gator of lust Lacoste? Yup. For he reasons why, and more on popped collars, see Mother Tongue Annoyances.

(3) If the giant alligator weren't scary enough, and at this size he will make small children cry (especially those traveling on a plane)

(4) If I didn't feel that yellow should be reserved for accent not primary coloring (unless you're a ducky or a lemon etc),

(5) If it weren't so expensive,

(6) I'd still have a problem with this bag... Terrycloth.

Terrycloth is to be reserved for towels, bath robes, and toys for small children. Only.

(7) Pre-preppy fashion I was scarred for life by terrycloth rompers. I can't tell you all the details, or I'd need medication. But there are other terry cloth imprint situations which should convince you.

(8) Most women should not wear rompers. Or tube tops. But the romper, being tube top attached to terry shorts, is baaaad. If the bust is to big, yikes. If the bust is too small, nothing stops it either. If the bum is large, it pulls no matter what your bust size. If the bum and legs small, you just have wide-legged short openings which allow anyone to see all they want to see of your Love's Baby Soft panties. It's a hellish thing.

(9) Rompers and tube tops are the creations of anti-feminists who want women to put on clothing which prohibits them from moving and participating in life. Girls, save yourself some money, and just wrap a towel around yourself and you'll not only have the same look, but the same ability for immobility.

(10) If my own fears weren't enough, there were the actions of others. Ever see a 52 year old woman trying on terry cloth rompers? I have. And when I was 16. That alone is not pretty. But she also talked to me...

(11) I was 16, and an employee of a trendy fashion shop (for young women). I was to monitor and clean the fitting rooms. The 52 year old woman was the only one in the store this weekend afternoon and she treated the door-less fitting room area as a confessional.

I heard all about her cheating husband leaving her for the secretary.

(12) This is why she was here, shopping for inappropriate clothing. Lesson: Trying to make yourself feel younger by wearing junior clothes will only succeed in making you look older.

However, her nudity, upper-arm wiggle matched by every other bit of skin wiggle, and inappropriate fashion choices were the least of my problems.

(13) She proceeded to tell me in great detail about how the marital assets were being divided-up, yes, but more as well. She told me that his new gal was likely good at blow jobs and that I, a 16 year old store employee who was still a virgin, should learn how to give great blow jobs because that's what her husband was really throwing away 30 years over -- that's what all men wanted, so I should accept this knowledge and save myself.

So, I can't see terry cloth on things other than towels and the few other objects listed, or all of this comes flooding back.

Thanks for the memories, Life & Style Magazine. :p

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My Favorite Neighborhood Fence

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hold The Phone, I'm Not Done Shopping!

That's what you can say to your beau as you hand him your nifty telephone handbag on your way to the fitting room.

The other cool phone must-have of today is this retro red rotary Bell telephone.

Even though we no longer have rotary dials on on telephones (and my kids were floored by a book like this found rummaging last weekend), we continue to say we'll "dial a number" and "I'll dial him up." Weird, huh.

Roses For Ladies Up Against Walls

"I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall." (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Should you feel the need to cheer up a lady, or are a lady who believes in shopping therapy, how about these beauties from Classic Hardware?

Vintage-style polyresin jewelry in solid sterling silver settings, in several color choices -- though I am partial to the red myself.

Jewelry found via KKC.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Our Fair Kari

My husband's got this thing for Kari Byron of Myth Busters. I must say, I have my own girly crush too. She's smart, she's cute, and so what's not to love?

Kari was the People's Choice Sexy Geek of 2006 in Wired magazine.

I know that hubby likes her for her big brain, but she's more wickedly his type than just that. Hubby, you see, is partial to red heads and has a weakness for pig tails.

In fact, hubby prefers her more natural pig tail look to the FHM photo spread (2006).

And pig tails with a cap are even more delicious.

If Kari had a British accent, well, let's just say I'd be in real trouble. *wink*

One thing I didn't know about Kari is that she's not just a sexy geek, but an artist as well.

In 2004 she had her debut solo exhibition at Anno Domini. The exhibit was called Stray Doll, and Kari described it this way:
"Some of the most beautiful bird calls are cries of distress and fear... these sculptures are a way for me to express my cry." ~ Kari Byron

Kari Byron's sculptures immediately emit the compassion she feels for those that are "ground up by society." She says, "We live in a strange and scary world; my artwork is a way for me to quarantine the world into a more manageable space."

You can see more of her works at her website,

In 2006 Kari married artist Paul Urich. (Won't stop anyone's fantasies tho!)

Kari's intelligence, humor, and yes, cute pigtails, make her sexy. I'd say I'd like to be Kari when I grow up, but she's so much younger than I am... Kari's more like the 'me' I imagine I would have been if I wouldn't have had kids so young.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

What Do You Bring A Girl Who Bakes?

I loved the film Stranger Than Fiction. I honestly thought it and Farrell would be nominated for -- and win -- Academy Awards. Even though hubby told me comedies are exempt from such considerations I argued that this was so much more than 'a comedy'. Well, he was right in the end.

Anyway, here are two of my favorite scenes from the movie:

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rubber Duckie, You're The One

A mighty BIG one!

This giant, 105-foot-tall, 85-foot-wide, rubber duckie created by the Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman took to the sea last weekend.


You can view more photos at the artist's site (click the English flag for additional text in English).

Pluder The Pirate Bedding

...for your mate-y, of course!

Luxury Lab's Elegant Mayhem blends fierce and feminine with black skull & crossbones and a chandelier design with two tone turquoise flowered lace border.

Friday, July 13, 2007

My, Prada Shoes Are Upity!

Complaints from my closet:
Dear woman with the size 8 foot:

We need to talk. Things just aren’t working out as well as we hoped they would. In case you haven’t noticed, here we are still sitting in your closet. Yes it has enough space, and the carpet … nice touch, however, we feel a bit out of place in here, and frankly, we are ready to walk.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Creepily Fascinating...

Hand soap. Literally.

13 Contests (And Free Stuff)

13 Contests (And Free Stuff)

1 My Right Hand Ring Bling Contest -- win a diamond necklace!

2 Manolo's Build The Outfit #5 -- win gift certificate good for the pair of shoes from the Tsubo!

3 HarperCollins Children's Summer Reading Sweepstakes.

4 Free down loadable patterns from Wee Wonderfuls.

5 Bag Snob's Jimmy Choo Marin Clutch Give-Away.

6 Leah Peah's Craft Trade.

7 She Find's Benefit Cosmetics Freebie.

8 Vote in Fred Flare's Next Big Thing contest -- you don't win, but someone will win the $1,000. Don't you want it to be the right person? *wink*

9 In Touch Weekly's Red Carpet Experience.

10 Margot Potter's free Sparkletastic project.

11 Mention Spree (through 7/20/07), and get a free belt, belt buckle, or duct tape wallet with the purchase of any jeans at The Denim Hub -- including sale jeans!

12 Free postcards by the artist Marisa with any purchase.

13 Beauty Care's Membership Specials -- free to register.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Too-Two Wine-y Post

You Are Pinot Gris

More hip than most, you spot trends before they even really get started.
If something is new and unique, you know about it... and you've probably tried it.
You have a good number of projects, interests, and relationships - but they are all fleeting.
The world is so appealing and diverse, you can't help but seek variety.

Deep down you are: A true flirt

Your partying style: Exclusive. You only party with people you've personally selected.

Your company is enjoyed best with: A big bowl of pasta

Flattering, but I drink Riesling...

So I took another quiz.

What Type of Wine Are You?

You're a Riesling!You're a refreshing white wine. Hailing from Germany, your high acidity balances out your sugars and act as a preservative. In fact the oldest tasted wine was a Riesling from 1540, tasted in 1961 and still in drinkable condition. You're floral and fruity and are perfect for sipping on a summer's day. You're a real sweetie and go well with rich foods.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Pink Dolphins

I'm not making it up.

I'm not.

Here's photographic proof.

This little pink dolphin was found in Louisiana. He (or she) is as real as you or I. Especially me -- I am very alive.

Found via Swim At Your Own Risk, which was found via My Pink Shoe.

True Stories Behond Celeb Shoe Spotting

Let me explain to you what Life&Style Weekly didn't...

Katie and Britney are new moms. New moms always wear heels, makeup and/or lots of 'something' to try to feel like our old pretty non-mom selves. Celeb moms are no different; just with bigger budgets and paparazzi.

Heidi's plunge likely wasn't planned. (The heels certainly seem to match the rest of her outfit.)

Beyonce's in Italy -- who doesn't wear (and buy) beautiful stilettos in Italy?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Brooklyn Girls Have All The Luck

Earth Girls may be easy, but Brooklyn babes have all the luck. Brooklyn is the home of the Etsy Labs where for a meager $20 you can use things like their screenprinting machine. And they have classes too.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Peaceful, Sole-ful, Shoes

I don't own nearly as many shoes as I talk about, really. Most of my shoes are vintage -- difficult to find dem dat fits and then there's the matter of "Where can I wear them?" which slows down the buying. (And, as a matter of fact, I love being barefoot -- so much so, that when younger, several of my sister's friends asked why I never wore shoes at home.) But I had to share with you this post at Damenation regarding these Donald J Pliner shoes.

So, what is up with this trend of putting peace symbols on shoes?

It's Hats With Ears, Dears

Maybe it's my love of Little Sackbelly (who now has his own tag -- he's a star here!), who wears his own little hat with ear, but aren't these hats by Kammie of Little Raccoon adorable?

I'm not sure I'd wear one (I'm too old), but seeing them on dolls...

I do like dolls.

And these Pullip dolls are fascinating.

Kammie's Little Raccoon Panda Hat is available exclusively at Fred Flare because it's one of the 27 selected submissions from Fred Flare's Next Big Thing Contest ('07). (I already voted for The Mallorys Go Black Market, but you can still vote!)

Scrapyard Cat Found Object Metal Assemblage Art

Cat Bishop and some other crafty folk from Etsy were featured at CQ in Crafting Vs. Collecting: Repurposed Art, Environmentalist Recycling, Or Criminal Act?

I love this cat.

See more of Cat's works at Flickr and here's her Artsy Shop at Etsy.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Girly Shoes For Girls & Boys

Via Jennifer Danielle Perkins' Naughty Secretary Club Blog I discovered String Republic, a French site which apparently commissions different artists to do series of shoes, namely espadrilles.
Stéphane Bucco, the graphic artist, internationally renowned as Sockho, has created STRING REPUBLIC in 2004 to illustrate what happens when graphic arts and daily life merge. After renowned exhibitions and collaborations, Stéphane wants to find new Material supports of creation. Like the designers of the 50’s, STRING REPUBLIC wants to enhance products and make them more beautiful. And Stéphane likes to quote Raymond Loewy who said that “ugly things sell badly”. Nowadays... useful things sell badly. The amazing revival of the flip flops and the clogs remind him of the espadrilles his grand-father used to offer him every summer when he was a kid. The concept is born; see an old product like the espadrille differently! The espadrille is given as an anachronistic material support to about thirty of the greatest international grafic artists, who evolve in very different aesthetic universes.
Here are some of my girly favorites (and note that quite a few of them come in men's styles too):

Must Ponder The Pros & Cons

Amazon's new Subscribe and Save program has me thinking...

Ever notice how your deodorant, shampoo and toothpaste all run out at the same time? And then you dash into Wal-Mart only to come out with a dozen additional things. (I've never made it out of Wal-mart for less than $35.) This service could work, not just as a convenience, but as a way to save money.

Unless, of course, I add baking supplies to my list... A girl could go in debt with supplies for cupcakes arriving regularly.

Not to mention the weight gain.

...Must continue to ponder...

Image of Strawberry Pretzel cupcake from Happy Cakes.