Thursday, July 12, 2007

13 Contests (And Free Stuff)

13 Contests (And Free Stuff)

1 My Right Hand Ring Bling Contest -- win a diamond necklace!

2 Manolo's Build The Outfit #5 -- win gift certificate good for the pair of shoes from the Tsubo!

3 HarperCollins Children's Summer Reading Sweepstakes.

4 Free down loadable patterns from Wee Wonderfuls.

5 Bag Snob's Jimmy Choo Marin Clutch Give-Away.

6 Leah Peah's Craft Trade.

7 She Find's Benefit Cosmetics Freebie.

8 Vote in Fred Flare's Next Big Thing contest -- you don't win, but someone will win the $1,000. Don't you want it to be the right person? *wink*

9 In Touch Weekly's Red Carpet Experience.

10 Margot Potter's free Sparkletastic project.

11 Mention Spree (through 7/20/07), and get a free belt, belt buckle, or duct tape wallet with the purchase of any jeans at The Denim Hub -- including sale jeans!

12 Free postcards by the artist Marisa with any purchase.

13 Beauty Care's Membership Specials -- free to register.

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