Friday, July 27, 2007


Think your addicted to handbags? I mean you've got it sooooo bad that you need to get your hands on it somehow? Bag Borrow or Steal lets you borrow (rent) designer handbags and jewelry.

Today they launched "America's Ultimate Bagaholic Contest" looking for the country's most handbag obsessed woman.

Maybe you'll win the title of Chief Bag Officer, have the opportunity to carry six of Fall's hottest bags, blog about the experience and sharing your impressions with more than 250,000 passionate handbag-enthusiasts. You'll also enjoy a year of borrowing luxury handbags for free!

Entrants' videos will be judged based on creativity, audio/visual quality and, most importantly, expression of purse passion.

** All who enter will receive 20% off any luxury handbag they borrow at

America's Ultimate Bagaholic Contest Deadline is August 10, 2007.

Found via SpreeMail.

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