Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Too-Two Wine-y Post

You Are Pinot Gris

More hip than most, you spot trends before they even really get started.
If something is new and unique, you know about it... and you've probably tried it.
You have a good number of projects, interests, and relationships - but they are all fleeting.
The world is so appealing and diverse, you can't help but seek variety.

Deep down you are: A true flirt

Your partying style: Exclusive. You only party with people you've personally selected.

Your company is enjoyed best with: A big bowl of pasta

Flattering, but I drink Riesling...

So I took another quiz.

What Type of Wine Are You?

You're a Riesling!You're a refreshing white wine. Hailing from Germany, your high acidity balances out your sugars and act as a preservative. In fact the oldest tasted wine was a Riesling from 1540, tasted in 1961 and still in drinkable condition. You're floral and fruity and are perfect for sipping on a summer's day. You're a real sweetie and go well with rich foods.
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