Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Book of Lights



Book light

Out of the coffee table type book springs a lamp -- a funky pop-up book for grownups. (Hey, use it instead of a flashlight to read under the covers *wink*)

Made of paper and fabric, designed by Takeshi Ishiguro. From Artecnacia

Found via Chloe Jo's newsletter.

Pink Is For Girls

A lovely (in that over-the-top retro way) ad for Lustre Creme, from the 60's.

I'm Not Sure What It Is, But I Know I Like It

Whatever a "Treeson" is, whatever it's made of, I like it. Here's the box set (which I do understand):

And, for the hipsters, here's the "Urban Treeson":

So, umm, like, apparently "Urban" means "black." Huh.

Monday, August 27, 2007

$20,000 Possession Obsession Prize

Via Collectors' Quest, I found this contest for apartment dwelling collectors.

That stipulation that you must live in a rental apartment totally leave me out of the running for $20,000 -- which I could use very much, thank you.

There are only 4 entries too, so get crackin'!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

More Cushion For The Pushin'

A Bed with Shock Absorbers - Sleep On Recycled Car Springs (GALLERY)

( I recently came across this bed in a Toronto, Canada design shop. The bed isn't all that exciting. It's well crafted and reasonably priced at around $1400, but the obvious stand out aspect is that the bed sits on four recycled automobile springs. The shop, called UpToYou, claim that the bed offers a… [More]

Blackbeard's Rugged Tampons

"Fer pluggin' the bloody hole afore th' sharks smell ye!"

From Metal and Magic.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'll Take Two, Please

I love reading at CQ, and Finding Your Treasure – What's Your Pleasure, Vintage Bar Ware, By The Dean is no exception:
...but how do I explain the need for more than one ice bucket?

I have one from the 1960s, large and made of plastic with a soft outer body and it has bar utensils hanging on its side. I use this one for outside parties where the fear of breakage keeps me from using any of the others. This one was popular when ‘wreck’ rooms were the rage in the basement with a dry bar, 3 bar stools, beer signs, possibly a pool table and a 20 year old refrigerator with a freezer that would hold two ice cube trays IF it ever got defrosted.

My first real purchase was an Oaken bucket design, clear glass with bale handle. It’s common to find and useful if the crowd is small. (We have very few friends, because I serve cheap beer and watered down drinks, and have a specially built wine cooler that holds 3 boxes, red, white and off white.)
Ah, but along with the fun read, The Dean posts a most beautiful vintage ice bucket of amber glass -- look how lovely!

Spectator Sport

I spent two hours digging through my handbags and shoes -- OK, and a few hats -- but couldn't find my 40's snake skin shoes. I know they are there, but snake, alive or dead, is elusive; or, I could just be disorganized. (Don't ask.) When I find them, I'll be sure to show them off.

Meanwhile, what prompted the search, this article in the September issue of Elle called "6 things you need to know for fall" -- featuring 40's styled spectator pumps!

PS Don't forget Elle's Uncommon Woman Contest -- I took the quiz there and it said:
You have never paid attention to what the crowd is doing, and it has always served you well. Your passion for what you do, whether it’s in a career or in a relationship, is evident to so many people around you, and many people try and take cues from you in that department. Nobody would ever mistake you for a common woman, considering all you have done to distinguish yourself from those around you. Embrace your creative spirit and have faith that the rest of your goals will take care of themselves.

Now I Can Check Out My Own Butt

Because I just said my bum looked big...

In-Store Butt-Cams - Scrutinize Your Own Rear View (GALLERY)

( Forget rear-view mirrors. The future is all about rear-view cameras, and the rear I'm referring to is your own.

No more listening to your friends beg you to answer one of life's most touchy questions: "Does my butt look fat in these?"

Now you'll be able to say, "Judge for yourself, sweetheart." … [More]

Teen Vogue Regressing?

Teen Vogue: September Issue (w/ Anne Hathaway) Review: Is Teen Vogue trying to make a difference? Should I keep subscribing? And should you buy the latest issue?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This Post Makes My Butt Look Big

Via Life & Style Weekly (August 20, 2007) we are shown "How stars fake a perfect beach bod!"

In the traditional fashion mag style, celebs are used to tell us how to address our flaws and imperfections -- but I think it's more like Where's Waldo?

Can you spot the bulging tummies, problem thighs, large behinds?

I can't.

Which just goes to show you that this blog post does in deed make my behind look large.

Little Red Dress = Well Read Blog

I'm really enjoying photographer Alex Waterhouse-Hayward's blog.

(I had no idea who he was, what he does; I just stumbled in via a google image search. If that makes me art-illiterate, well, so be it.)

His blog is full of interesting photos, yes, but the narratives hardly ever go where I think they'll go and it's that unexpected combination which intrigues me. So I'm adding 'him' to the sidebar.

Image is from Alex's post on Katheryn's Little Red Dress.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Overheard Today

"If I were a PT Cruiser and it was Halloween, I'd go as a toaster."

Well, I didn't overhear it so much as I said it. But you could have, would have, overheard it if you were near me today at the DMV.

Proof that standing in line does, in fact, drive me crazy.

However, I do stand behind the assertion that PT Cruisers look like toasters.

Wannt Be West Elm Girls?

West Elm is offering two contests:

At CasaSugar just create a wish list of your favorite west elm products worth up to $5,000 and one grand prize winner (chosen at random) will receive all of their wish list items, and that west elm makeover will be featured on CasaSugar. In addition, 100 second prize winners will each receive $25 west elm gift certificates. Enter to win by August 19.

Two lucky domino readers will get a $2,500 gift certificate to spend on anything from its collection. Enter to win by August 20.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Monochromatic Dreams

Mary loved her fancy colored toilet papers as they allowed her to express her monochromatic side.

She did, however, realize she may never be able to wear that little black dress again.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Real Equality For Dads

From the September issue, of Details Magazine, available on newsstands in NY and LA tomorrow and nationwide on August 14, comes Time To Lose The Dad Jeans:
Dad Jeans: the male pair of the snug, extra-high-cut denim slacks known as "Mom Jeans". The wash? Wal-Mart blue. The crotch? The length of a baby's arm. You picked them out all by yourself a couple of years ago, have established a monogamous relationship with them, but there's a high probability that the two of you don't look so cute together anymore. There's also a very good chance that quite a few people—casual observers, the guys at the office, and all your wife's friends—think this and aren't telling you.
I love that dads now can be judged fashion victims based on their status as parents.

Of course, along with this comes the ability for dads to vent on the changes in the lives. Hence I direct you to the utterly laugh-out-loud The Story About the Baby, featuring such gems as The Unbearable Grossness of Being, Who Gets My Things When I Die? and OK. If I Don’t Hear A Clear Breath, I’m Only Going To Stand Here Ten More Minutes.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Back To School

Back To School with Fred Flare.

Meet Giggley Suede

I spent the day with my mom yesterday. When I met her in the morning she gave me these:

My new Giggley shoes.

Rampage calls them Quincy shoes, but the shoes are so cute they make me giggle. I can't decide if they make my feet look larger or smaller with that huge opening and all that white sock!

Anywho, since they are not canvas shoes (those are Quincy 2 shoes), but are a lovely chocolate suede, the official name for this pair of shoes is Giggley Suede.

Which I think would be my name if I were in a blaxpolitation film.

In my deepest baritone I say, "I'm Giggley Suede, baby."

Don't Sweat Vintage Fashions

A set of six coasters featuring vintage sewing pattern illustrations from the 50's and 60's, from My Favorite Mirror.

Found via Spree New York's newsletter.