Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'll Take Two, Please

I love reading at CQ, and Finding Your Treasure – What's Your Pleasure, Vintage Bar Ware, By The Dean is no exception:
...but how do I explain the need for more than one ice bucket?

I have one from the 1960s, large and made of plastic with a soft outer body and it has bar utensils hanging on its side. I use this one for outside parties where the fear of breakage keeps me from using any of the others. This one was popular when ‘wreck’ rooms were the rage in the basement with a dry bar, 3 bar stools, beer signs, possibly a pool table and a 20 year old refrigerator with a freezer that would hold two ice cube trays IF it ever got defrosted.

My first real purchase was an Oaken bucket design, clear glass with bale handle. It’s common to find and useful if the crowd is small. (We have very few friends, because I serve cheap beer and watered down drinks, and have a specially built wine cooler that holds 3 boxes, red, white and off white.)
Ah, but along with the fun read, The Dean posts a most beautiful vintage ice bucket of amber glass -- look how lovely!

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