Monday, August 06, 2007

Real Equality For Dads

From the September issue, of Details Magazine, available on newsstands in NY and LA tomorrow and nationwide on August 14, comes Time To Lose The Dad Jeans:
Dad Jeans: the male pair of the snug, extra-high-cut denim slacks known as "Mom Jeans". The wash? Wal-Mart blue. The crotch? The length of a baby's arm. You picked them out all by yourself a couple of years ago, have established a monogamous relationship with them, but there's a high probability that the two of you don't look so cute together anymore. There's also a very good chance that quite a few people—casual observers, the guys at the office, and all your wife's friends—think this and aren't telling you.
I love that dads now can be judged fashion victims based on their status as parents.

Of course, along with this comes the ability for dads to vent on the changes in the lives. Hence I direct you to the utterly laugh-out-loud The Story About the Baby, featuring such gems as The Unbearable Grossness of Being, Who Gets My Things When I Die? and OK. If I Don’t Hear A Clear Breath, I’m Only Going To Stand Here Ten More Minutes.

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