Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spectator Sport

I spent two hours digging through my handbags and shoes -- OK, and a few hats -- but couldn't find my 40's snake skin shoes. I know they are there, but snake, alive or dead, is elusive; or, I could just be disorganized. (Don't ask.) When I find them, I'll be sure to show them off.

Meanwhile, what prompted the search, this article in the September issue of Elle called "6 things you need to know for fall" -- featuring 40's styled spectator pumps!

PS Don't forget Elle's Uncommon Woman Contest -- I took the quiz there and it said:
You have never paid attention to what the crowd is doing, and it has always served you well. Your passion for what you do, whether it’s in a career or in a relationship, is evident to so many people around you, and many people try and take cues from you in that department. Nobody would ever mistake you for a common woman, considering all you have done to distinguish yourself from those around you. Embrace your creative spirit and have faith that the rest of your goals will take care of themselves.

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