Sunday, September 23, 2007

Get That Dream Date Out Of The Closet

Forty years is a long time to stay hidden in a closet... So get your Dream Date game on!

Dream Date, 1963, Transogram Game says:
Dream Date, the game where girl meets boy
Use your personal magnetism to 'click'
with the boy of your choice
The seller certainly 'clicks' with me -- look what they wrote:
All game pieces appear to be there, but I've never tried to play it, so I'm not really sure. And anyway, face it, honey -- you're buying it for the box!
Look, ma, that snarky seller's got my number!

1 comment:

Pop_Tart said...

I just bid (but was not high enough -- may return & try again in a few hours...) because I would soooo play this game!