Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween, Part II

The amazing Handbags of Horror!

Once again, found at the fabulous Fabulon. (Will I ever scoop them?)

Obligatory Halloween Post

From my friend, Bill.

OK. So, Now I Say...

Why settle for this, when you could have this:

Only $4?! OMG.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Oggle Woggle Goo

That's all I'm going to tell you.

(But KKC will tell you more.)

Vintage Photo Proof Of Glory Holes For Hetero Virgins

Before you laugh, ask yourself how many snap-shots your friends have taken of you... When will your kids sell 'em on eBay?

Friday, October 26, 2007


It's so sad to think of all the toys who wait for their boys and girls to come back from school...

Via Flickr.

Is It Wrong To Like This?

I spotted this in SpreeMail and I thought it was a typo or something... A Chandelier Wall Sticker? What is that? But I'll be damned if it isn't really appealing.

If I had any blank wall space left, I might just do it.

Crossdressing Poodles With Cats Eye Glasses

Those bitches!

Pink Posh Poochy® Plates

Sold in pretty pink hat boxes no less!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What's Old, Pussycat?

Via an eBay auction:

DATE: 1950s or 1960s (it looks alot like the "We are Siamese if you please" cats from the original Disney movie "Lady and the Tramp" which came out in the late 50s)

DETAILS: This is the kind of thing that just brings a smile to your face no matter how bad the day is going...

A clever salt & pepper shaker design - made in Japan (has a simple blue stamp "JAPAN" on its bottom). The pointy leather ears are black as are the stiff whiskers. The head pulls off to serve pepper through the pierced brass steepled hat; the body serves salt through a brass shaker at the neck.

There are plastic stoppers in each piece to allow filling of spices; but this has never been used for its real purpose - it was probably too cute & just sat on a knick knack shelf making people grin.
Would that I could afford them, I'd grin too.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Of Boudoir Chairs & Marriages

From Collectors' Quest, a story on getting items appraised:
Wifey brought in her little boudoir chair. This chair is one of the items for which D has paid the most money for — a whopping $25, which did not please her first husband. In typical collector-scorned fashion, once they split she got the piece reupholstered (with some lovely vintage fabric she just happened to have laying around); now she was curious what it was worth… Terry Bye said it was an early 20th century piece, English Regency style, but American made, with a Hitchcock style. He said it was a lovely antique chair, worth around $250 to $300 — which not only makes the chair worthy of being auctioned by Ivey-Selkirk (they normally do not ‘do’ chairs under $100) but makes the boudoir chair too grand for me to be allowed to toss my pants over (and D, vindicated over her purchase, near insufferable to live with).

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's all fun until someone loses and eye...

And then it's fun you just can't see well anymore.

Hubby and I went out this evening -- sort of a date night -- and after a few drinks with dinner, he's passed out in bed, leaving me somewhat buzzed n angry... alone on the Internet.

Let's see what I can find, shall we?

There's Japanese Men Who Were Handsome 50 Years Ago.

And oh, here's something I meant to mention ages ago... It's This Just In: I'm A Vulgar Broad -- and where the kitty pic came from. (So the site may not be appropriate for all ages *wink*)


From Design To Inspire via SpreeMail.

Get Yer Craft Scans On

KKC has just started Craft Scan Fridays:

Thursday, October 11, 2007

But I Do!

Fabulon instructs me not to covet this -- but I do.

Like those old stereo consoles, I want even if it doesn't work. Even if I can't wedge it into my over-stuffed house.

I Am Doll Parts

Old, err, retro -- circa 1977 -- doll parts.

Via Joanie Loves Chotchke.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thank Mew Very Much

Vintage kitten napkin holders, I want for on my Turkey Day table top. I purr-omis to say thank-mew!

Vintage-styled Hair Pins and Combs

From Glitzy Secrets.

Sewing Gal Needed

From Chloe Jo's newsletter:

Elaine is doing an art installation in Lower Manhattan first week November and she needs to have a couple of costumes sewn. She has a sketch and some materials. She is looking for someone with a fashion/theatrical sense good sewing skills. There is a budget of $ 700. Anyone come to mind? I appreciate it! Xxx Wanda

Monday, October 01, 2007

Most Excellent

Destiny Mae, an 11 year old girl, is writing book reviews (at the aptly named Destiny's Book Reviews) and if you've got kids, just like to see some excellent use of blogging, or -- like me -- like to see a positive example of the Internet (especially regarding children), then check out her blog.

This month, in horror honor of Halloween, she'll be posting 31 Days Of Goosebumps -- so now what else can I say to get you to visit her blog?

I'll be adding Miss Destiny to the sidebar.

Friends Forever

Just another one of the fabulous creations by Marisa Haedike of Creative Thursday (creator of little sackbelly). The original is available at Twig, as are limited edition prints.

"People who won't shut up about subjects that bore me."

Don't let the post title fool ya, the links here are exactly the opposite of boring. I just like to not make sense like that.

Well, the post title also is a quote from Things That Make Me Grumpy -- a read which makes me nearly delirious with happiness. Along with nonsensical post titles, I enjoy knowing that others are grumpy too. And for similar reasons. It also doesn't hurt knowing that my list of grumpy things could easily be as entertaining.

Speaking of subjects that might bore people...

Here are a few little sites to check out which might seem to be too narrow in topic to be as cool as they are.

Check out Hattastic, a blog all about hats. (Who am I to mock when I've got a blog all about lingerie?) Truly a fun thing for fans of hats, those who wear them, and even those who wonder why hats would be worthy of blogging about.

TheresYourBoyFriend is a blog dedicated to the game we girls have played since the first cave girl could elbow her fellow female cave member and grunt.

Not go forth and be anything other than bored &/or grumpy.

Image via Fabulon.

Confess, Because Those Who Should Won't

Get the OJ Shirt at

It will be like your good deed for the day or something.

Found via Kitschy Kitschy Coo.