Sunday, October 14, 2007

Of Boudoir Chairs & Marriages

From Collectors' Quest, a story on getting items appraised:
Wifey brought in her little boudoir chair. This chair is one of the items for which D has paid the most money for — a whopping $25, which did not please her first husband. In typical collector-scorned fashion, once they split she got the piece reupholstered (with some lovely vintage fabric she just happened to have laying around); now she was curious what it was worth… Terry Bye said it was an early 20th century piece, English Regency style, but American made, with a Hitchcock style. He said it was a lovely antique chair, worth around $250 to $300 — which not only makes the chair worthy of being auctioned by Ivey-Selkirk (they normally do not ‘do’ chairs under $100) but makes the boudoir chair too grand for me to be allowed to toss my pants over (and D, vindicated over her purchase, near insufferable to live with).

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Smut Girl said...

I want that chair! And that console. And I have to send my son to that blog with the Goosebumps. ;) Love this blog. Now...must to to ebay and try to find a Boudoir chair. Yehaw!