Monday, October 01, 2007

"People who won't shut up about subjects that bore me."

Don't let the post title fool ya, the links here are exactly the opposite of boring. I just like to not make sense like that.

Well, the post title also is a quote from Things That Make Me Grumpy -- a read which makes me nearly delirious with happiness. Along with nonsensical post titles, I enjoy knowing that others are grumpy too. And for similar reasons. It also doesn't hurt knowing that my list of grumpy things could easily be as entertaining.

Speaking of subjects that might bore people...

Here are a few little sites to check out which might seem to be too narrow in topic to be as cool as they are.

Check out Hattastic, a blog all about hats. (Who am I to mock when I've got a blog all about lingerie?) Truly a fun thing for fans of hats, those who wear them, and even those who wonder why hats would be worthy of blogging about.

TheresYourBoyFriend is a blog dedicated to the game we girls have played since the first cave girl could elbow her fellow female cave member and grunt.

Not go forth and be anything other than bored &/or grumpy.

Image via Fabulon.

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