Friday, November 30, 2007

A Look At Dogs In Cones

Some dogs have enough dignity to carry them through this difficult time.

Others, not-so-much.

As if Pugs weren't funny looking enough, it seems the breed has a disproportionate need of cones.

Noodle wonders if you could just fill his cone up before you leave for work.

Cones, though plenty comical, can lead to more problems than one initially considers.

Fetch, for example, can be made more difficult just for the catching of the ball... in your mouth.

Can you even find your way to the other dog's ass to take a sniff?

Your litter mates and pals may relegate you to lowly status.

But maybe that's only because Daddy loves you so much more now.

I'm not sure if this is one dog with two heads, or two dogs; whichever it is, only one of them needs a cone.

At Dogs With Cones you'll see all these and loads more. Including some less-than expected photos.

And some that terrify.


david said...

What a lovely collection of photos. I love 'em!

SlipOfAGirl said...

Thanks, David :)