Sunday, December 30, 2007

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

No matter what uniform your Captain's wearing.

All About This Retro Head...

There lie too many reds.

"What's Your Sign?" is quickly followed by, "Can I Buy You A Drink?" and so it goes...

Ever notice how drinking and astrology are entwined?

Intoxicated Zodiac™ not only noticed, they blog about it -- and now they even have a way for you to shop about it, with a special line of products combining elements of both libations and celestial vibrations.

My favorite is the Plastic Is Not A Celestial Body Tote.

Not only is it stylish, but using one will give you a little buzz -- because because because -- because of the wonderful things it does.

I think we all agree that plastic bag use should decrease, so I won't blither & blather about how the green the product is, but the humanitarian message or story behind the making of each tote is worthy of a note:
Each year more than 15 thousand Nepali girls are kidnapped or sold and taken across the border into India to be forced into a life of prostitution. Human trafficking, especially of women and children, for the purpose of sex exploitation, is quickly becoming the world's fastest growing industry. Throughout Asia over 300,000 Nepali women are trapped in a life of forced prostitution. Your purchase will help ladies who have escaped from a life of prostitution to return to Nepal and rebuild their lives. Dedicated missionaries give them a home, education, proper medical care, skills training, counseling, and a job to enable them to be restored and repatriated into Nepali society. Most of the ladies who return are HIV positive and most of their families will not accept them back. The creation and sale of these totes are creating self-sustainability and enabling these women to build a new life, a life free from the horrors of the past and embracing the hope of the future.

Due to the strong religious beliefs of the missionaries (no drinking, no astrology and certainly no astrological drinking), the bags were printed here in New York using water based ink. Hence, the limited edition quantity.
So get one now; they'll be sold out quickly!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hey, Everybody, It's The Fatigue & Exhaustion Collection by Gary Graham

Usually I post cute &/or fashionable things here -- the only dark &/or snark appears in my creepy &/or unusual musings. But when I saw Gary Graham's spring collection, I just had to say something. And that something isn't nice.

First up, I'm not sure what this look is all about... Is it African Safari? A real safari, where you look limp & wrinkled. Or an average day spent on an airplane? Either way, it's a mess.

I suppose I should applaud the honesty because this is how most unprepared folks look in their linen clothing. "Spend the money on proper cleaning & pressing? No way, I'll be cheap." And, "Look, ma -- no iron!"


Next up is this gal who apparently is so, so, I don't know... hung-over than she grabs the only top she finds in her rumpled covers -- and it even looks like she can't button properly. You have to start at the top or bottom, or a very carefully lined-up middle, dear. Ahh, this fashionista, she's too cool to care.

I think this one is embarrassed by the ensemble. She immediately left the shoot and told her agency that she'll no longer take gigs where no one owns or even understands irons & pressing -- heck, at her last job at The Limited she even steamed the wrinkles out of the inventory; now look at her.

If fashion is indeed an attitude, what does this collection really say? This last photo makes it pretty clear: I'm here, but I'm too fatigued to give a F---.

I'm Talking

Via Your Pessimism is So Attractive.

To You, I Say, "Get A Blog"

It's better than just any old hobby. Sure, you might be up impossibly late, but you won't be thinking icky stuff like this:

Via PostSecret.

Of Sticks & Stones, & Why Cups Will Say If They Hurt Me

If "swords are thoughts," then why don't words hurt me?

If you don't know your 'cups' from a hole in the ground -- or even what I'm talking about -- then check out Full Body Transplant's Secrets of the Tarot.

Because I'm Up Late

And because I decided to add a 'dolls' label, which would then need fattening, here are links to dolls at the other blog:

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Lingerie Barbie

Things I Did Not Know

Paper Dolls

Bratz Sluttifies Kids

Undressing Dolls

Friday, December 28, 2007

Luck Be A Lenci Tonight (Part One)

As most of you know, I have a modest doll collection -- well, it is modest in size, but as most of it is based on the lingerie, I guess it's also an immodest doll collection. *wink*

However, it might surprise you to know that I have a secret desire for Lenci dolls; this because of the Lona book by Dare Wright. I've only seen the photos and heard of the story, but somehow, it's so compelling to me... As if I remember it, somehow...

Maybe it was read to me as a tiny child and it is still in there somehow -- but whatever the reason, I am compelled to seek not only the book, but the doll. Not the real Lona, the doll that belonged to Dare Wright; but one like it.

If I only knew which one it was.

Besides the troubles with digital photos, and the fact that even the official website only refers to Lona as "a long-limbed Lenci doll" and not by a particular doll name or number, but Dare used to modify her dolls -- not only making clothes for them, but repainting faces too. So how much luck will I have?

And should I find her, would I be able to afford her...

Perhaps this is fate's way of protecting me from additional sorrow, lack of knowledge shielding me from loss...

It's rather ironic as that's what Dare's books were really about.

Dare's life is equally intriguing. Model turned photographer, she certainly was unconventional. And more than a bit fragile. She passed in 2001 -- and a year later I stumbled into her books.

But the more I think about Lona and Dare, well, I'm more than smitten. (I'd say obsessed, but that's a word I use so often with lingerie that it somehow seems less specific to this situation.)

For the past few years I've had The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll: The Search for Dare Wright on my wish list; but no one's gotten it for me yet... I hope to get it & read it before the movie is released (due in 2009).

As one reviewer put it, Dare had a "childlike effort at life that was both futile and bold" -- and doesn't that just smack of what the photos of Lona do?

Bartholomeu, In Orange

Cute brooch from Belle Cassis at Etsy.

Tees To Make You Say "Oh, Jeeze"

Uranus is dark and icky -- who knew? Cloth Moth did, so they put it all on their Facts About Uranus t-shirt.

The Faded Line brings you the Emek phonograph tee -- perfect for you audiophiles.

Found via Bird Fight.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

And Coyote Makes Three

Bill sent me this link about an orphaned baby coyote who lives in a log cabin with one human and one cat. The blog is full of adorableness & I had to share it with you.

(And don't freak out -- it's OK to have the coyote where she is.)

If you want to support the blog, the blogger and the critters, buy a calendar!

Of Holiday Gifts

Samantha K says:
Sometimes I get really awful gifts for the holidays. And it never fails that after receiving one of those awful gifts, someone will say, "Oh SK, I saw it and thought of you!"

Really? What did I do to piss you off so badly? It must have been really terrible if you thought of me while looking at that.
And Pop Tart speaks about which gifts her kids liked best:
a purchase of Flarp is the best 88 cents ever spent.
I wonder, did Samantha K ever get Flarp as a gift...?

Beauty Pains For Dolls

Via Collectors' Quest.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Mystery of the Brass Pet Collar

The Relic:
This antique brass pet collar once identified John Clegg's property.

The Mystery: Who was John Clegg? When did he live in Toronto? What did he do for a living? and what happened to GENNIE?
Find out here.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Vintage Hat Kits

Thirteen Vintage Hats

The following are hats from old catalogs from Fox Millinery Supply (Chicago, Ill.), 1959-1962. They were sold as "French Room Hats For You To Copy" -- complete kits with supplies as listed.

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How To Get A Fabulous Silhouette

The proper foundation garments, of course. Yup -- it's a plug for my lingerie blog.

No, No, NO

Mink coat, cloth hair bow?! Egad. Who is this chick, Laura Ashley?

Savvy Sweater For Vintage Vixen

Vintage 50's cropped cashmere sweater by Dalton, in cream with navy blue details -- including faille applique and tiny pearls.