Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hey, Everybody, It's The Fatigue & Exhaustion Collection by Gary Graham

Usually I post cute &/or fashionable things here -- the only dark &/or snark appears in my creepy &/or unusual musings. But when I saw Gary Graham's spring collection, I just had to say something. And that something isn't nice.

First up, I'm not sure what this look is all about... Is it African Safari? A real safari, where you look limp & wrinkled. Or an average day spent on an airplane? Either way, it's a mess.

I suppose I should applaud the honesty because this is how most unprepared folks look in their linen clothing. "Spend the money on proper cleaning & pressing? No way, I'll be cheap." And, "Look, ma -- no iron!"


Next up is this gal who apparently is so, so, I don't know... hung-over than she grabs the only top she finds in her rumpled covers -- and it even looks like she can't button properly. You have to start at the top or bottom, or a very carefully lined-up middle, dear. Ahh, this fashionista, she's too cool to care.

I think this one is embarrassed by the ensemble. She immediately left the shoot and told her agency that she'll no longer take gigs where no one owns or even understands irons & pressing -- heck, at her last job at The Limited she even steamed the wrinkles out of the inventory; now look at her.

If fashion is indeed an attitude, what does this collection really say? This last photo makes it pretty clear: I'm here, but I'm too fatigued to give a F---.

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