Sunday, December 30, 2007

"What's Your Sign?" is quickly followed by, "Can I Buy You A Drink?" and so it goes...

Ever notice how drinking and astrology are entwined?

Intoxicated Zodiac™ not only noticed, they blog about it -- and now they even have a way for you to shop about it, with a special line of products combining elements of both libations and celestial vibrations.

My favorite is the Plastic Is Not A Celestial Body Tote.

Not only is it stylish, but using one will give you a little buzz -- because because because -- because of the wonderful things it does.

I think we all agree that plastic bag use should decrease, so I won't blither & blather about how the green the product is, but the humanitarian message or story behind the making of each tote is worthy of a note:
Each year more than 15 thousand Nepali girls are kidnapped or sold and taken across the border into India to be forced into a life of prostitution. Human trafficking, especially of women and children, for the purpose of sex exploitation, is quickly becoming the world's fastest growing industry. Throughout Asia over 300,000 Nepali women are trapped in a life of forced prostitution. Your purchase will help ladies who have escaped from a life of prostitution to return to Nepal and rebuild their lives. Dedicated missionaries give them a home, education, proper medical care, skills training, counseling, and a job to enable them to be restored and repatriated into Nepali society. Most of the ladies who return are HIV positive and most of their families will not accept them back. The creation and sale of these totes are creating self-sustainability and enabling these women to build a new life, a life free from the horrors of the past and embracing the hope of the future.

Due to the strong religious beliefs of the missionaries (no drinking, no astrology and certainly no astrological drinking), the bags were printed here in New York using water based ink. Hence, the limited edition quantity.
So get one now; they'll be sold out quickly!

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