Friday, February 22, 2008

High-Five Fridays #6

1) A high-five for Broncante's very charming Female Inheritance.

2) Simon of Space was released -- revised and in hardcover!

3) Thinking of going green at home? See Jenn's list of ideas.

4) Bread and Badger rescues old unwanted glass objects and etches them to new life. Very, very cool. (Via Thrift Store Love.)

5) That Grrl (a regular favorite, now added to the sidebar) posted ASCII art dragons.

I know you know people that deserve high-fives... I could even be one of them. Find out how to give your High-Five Fridays here!

The purpose of this meme is to give high-fives to 5 people, posts, blogs and/or websites you've admired during the week. I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 5 high-fives on Friday. Trackbacks, pings, linky widgets, comment links accepted!

Visiting fellow High-Fivers is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your High-Fives in others comments (please note if NWS).


Deanna said...

Thanks for noting SoS ;)

I love Broncante's place!

The etchings are cool, but I like the dragons a bit more I think... If we're supposed to rank things like this lol

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Some very cool links... and love ASCII art always!

Silent-Porn-Star said...

The female inheritance piece is a softer more cuddly version of another piece by someone we know. I'm not sure if Pop Tart wrote that or is the same she wrote it as DeeDee? Must google about for the accurate info... (Broncante's is an excellent post, but I'm just noting the similarities *wink*)

Love the octopus etching at Bread and Badger!

Val Gryphin said...


Marketing Whore said...

Bread and Badger makes cool stuff, but I really just like the name!

Does Laura make cool stuff? You bet your ASCII!

William Smith said...

That etched glass is beautiful! I need to get serious about doing some shopping on Etsy.