Saturday, February 16, 2008

Look What Katie Did -- To Me

In following gorgeous lingerie maker What Katie Did I've become smitten not only with the lingerie but the accessories.

First, the pretty lavender shoes by Terry de Havilland.

So far the only shopping possibility is the photo of the shoes. (I'm pretty certain that's them as that photo is also shown here.) I'll keep looking...

The other accessory is the luscious pink Spring wig by Yuki Saito.

I've always loved the notion of pink hair. Experience tells me the notion of pink hair is far more delightful to the actuality of pink hair. Yes, I've had pink hair and one struggles between maintaining the color of not the texture of cotton candy. It's adorable when the proper balance is achieved; but a rare event. (Hair condition, roots, fading, color banding, etc.)

A wig would be preferable -- and also allow for you to return to -- or become -- any other color, as you wish.

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