Saturday, March 15, 2008

You Know I'm All For Cute & Creepy

Los Huevos sculptures from Fuzzy Balls Apparel include the following cute yet creepy characters...
Raul: The skeletal bear in a bear costume. In a previous life his soul was more like a rock. Now it is more like a feather, a heavy feather.

Querida: She' the one who is loved. "Un beso para mis amores." She can be very beautiful and she likes to have fun, but that doesn't always mean with you or me.

Gato: Mostly when one looks at a cat, you can tell there's not much going on behind their eyes. Not his cat. He knows what's going on. He also doesn't think he's people.

Bastardo: Being a jerk is his way. Someday he will find himself in trouble. It's true! He's headed down the wrong path.
(Via KKC.)

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