Saturday, June 07, 2008

It's Nice To Know You're Missed, Even If It's By A Total Stranger -- Bearing Cash.

I, like several other slumbering bloggers, received an email offering to by my blog:
I noticed that your blog "" hasn't been updated for a while. I'd like to buy this blog. I assume that you are not interested in running it anymore. I can buy this blog for $150.
Momma told me never to get into cars with strangers offering gifts, so I politely declined, saying that my interest remained but was at the mercy of personal issues.

But I did ask what they wanted it for... To make it all spammy -- err, "promotional" is my guess. But I'd still like a human response. That would be more than I typically get over here at this blog. Meh.

Anyway, as you can guess from the links, I did some searching about the offer too. Hey, it's been awhile since a stranger offered me $150 -- for anything lol I can't say I feel special because everybody was offered the same amount. And while I have my reasons for my lack of posting, I feel really lame when I see that this lady was not posting because she was off starting a venture capital raising program to help entrepreneurs in developing countries.

How's that for feeling lame?

Oh yeah, I can't afford to donate/loan either. But I can (and shall) encourage you to do so. And I'll add a widget to the sidebar to remind you too.

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