Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Retro Flower Power Mini

Available at Etsy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anja Rubik Wears The Perfect Little Red Jacket

And little else; but why would she need to?

Numéro 2007; Camilla Åkrans, photographer.

Via LJ.

Too Pretty To Use

Half-doll porcelain glazed perfume bottle from the 20's.

Lessons Learned In Vintage Fashion Photos: Tip #19

Ask what your sisters are wearing; or you may look like a bag of melty mints.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lessons Learned In Vintage Fashion Photos: Tip #75

Modeling is glamorous.

Siamese Twin Art Doll With Religious Theme

Sooooo creepy that I wish I could buy it to honor the artist, Ugly Shyla, of Ugly Art Dolls.
The centerpiece of the assemblage is two Siamese twins,with a embroidered white christening gown made from vintage cotton.The embroidery on the bottom is a faint blue/gray and their little bonnets are trimmed in cream and baby blue vintage lace.They are holding a paper that has a short poem on it.

They are mounted on a vintage red wooden frame with a cloth background,so it looked like they are coming out of the frame Alice Through The Looking Glass style.

The whole piece is 18 X 11 1/2 inches,and is made to hang on a wall.
Check out the creepy little religious poem on the note.

In His Heart The Wolf Was Planning Mischief

I don't think he had silly string or another prank in mind, so it's quite an understatement.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Another High-Five Friday (I Lose Count)

1) Hey, Dinosaurs and Robots was here!

2) Learn how to make a vintage lady hanger.

3) If he's close enough to be reading your cleavage, why not just say it?

4) Just Go-Go see.

5) Art by elloh is addictive. (Via KKC.)

I know you know people that deserve high-fives... I could even be one of them. Find out how to give your High-Five Fridays here!

Little Red Riding Hood, In Blue

Fabric from Retro Depot.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

If I Had This Dress

I'd hang a mirror over the bed and lounge beneath it all day.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Heretic Hang-Ups

Until the weather cools off, you can just keep the Heretic Coat on a hanger -- but not in the closet; it's too cute and no one wants a closeted heretic.

Not Just For Trucker Flaps

Holographic Silhouette Nude Woman Stickers via Altered Abbey.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hey Diddle Diddle

When you've already fiddled and are expecting a kiddle, how about this great chandelier?

Louise Antoinette Cow Over the Moon Chandelier

Ye Olde Whimsy

Madeleine Necklace, Deux Brooch,and Pacifist print all by Tilly Bloom.

Died & Gone To Sofa Heaven

I want this deep-buttoned 1920's ladies sofa by Sera of London in my boudoir.

Pop Tart & Poseidon's Adventure

Pop Tart aka Deanna popped her altered art cherry.

Read about her process with the phobia and look at what else she's done so far (and keep an eye on it for updates!)

The Smoking Gun

By Design Glut.

When It Rains Cats & Dogs...

Use these Brigitte Bardot umbrellas by Sera of London with dog designs -- 5% of every umbrella sale goes to Brigitte Bardot’s animal foundation.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rubbing Me...

The white right way:

Botanical Wall Tile Collection by Heather Knight @ Element Clay Studio:
My new collection of botanically inspired textured tiles, Top Row: Turf, Hydrangea, Noni Bottom Row: Magnolia, Durian, Lichen

These tiles are made of Helios Porcelain, and coated with a fine white slip that gives the surface a smooth, super white, matte finish. Box type construction gives added dimension.

Each tile measures approximately 8-8.5" square, and has a key hole in the back for secure hanging on a screw.

Vintage Kolmer Blues

Vintage 40's Navy Blue Nipped Waist Suit Jacket of navy blue worsted wool, with an exaggerated collar which widens to the waist and is buttoned down with bound button holes -- and shoulder pads which do not look the 80's linebacker versions.

A vintage jacket by Kolmer (hence the post title, dig?)

Finders Keepers

Barbie Lost Her Shoe, by yasminbochi; so I guess that makes Barbie a weeper.

Hickory Dickory Fates

The rat ran up the plates.

Catch Me If You Can: hand painted running rats on vintage plates for your walls. (Via Stylehive.

French Dogs Keep Kittens As Pets

The proof is on this vintage signed Jeanne Miller hanky found at eBay.

A Real Slice Of The 70s

The seller says:
This funky, vintage, citrus cool light fixture is in great condition. There’s a smidge here or there, and a tiny scuff from where it was set down when untethered from the ceiling, but other than that, in great shape.

12 white metal arms arch out from the white base, to support 12 plastic “slices of citrus fruit;” alternating orange slices and lemon slices. (Two of the arms are bent at such a slight angle, that I did not notice it until my eBay guru pointed it out to me. It DOES NOT DETRACT from the value, but I want to be very upfront about the item)

All the citrus slices are intact with no chips or cracks.

The still-attached tag on the inside of the base is marked:

Lite Trend
Product of Halo
La Palma Calif.