Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Real Slice Of The 70s

The seller says:
This funky, vintage, citrus cool light fixture is in great condition. There’s a smidge here or there, and a tiny scuff from where it was set down when untethered from the ceiling, but other than that, in great shape.

12 white metal arms arch out from the white base, to support 12 plastic “slices of citrus fruit;” alternating orange slices and lemon slices. (Two of the arms are bent at such a slight angle, that I did not notice it until my eBay guru pointed it out to me. It DOES NOT DETRACT from the value, but I want to be very upfront about the item)

All the citrus slices are intact with no chips or cracks.

The still-attached tag on the inside of the base is marked:

Lite Trend
Product of Halo
La Palma Calif.

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