Monday, October 27, 2008

1800's Paisley Paradise

Saying "Antique Womans paisley skirt" just doesn't do this garment from the 1800's justice -- but the seller does add some text that does:
Triple layer skirt with sheer paisley design on the top 2 layers and trimmed off with a gorgeous thick blue velveteen ribbon. This is the softest material to touch. I keep petting it wondering if it's velvet. The longest layer is a cream silk rayon material. The skirt has uneven cut at bottom, not squared off. The ribbon goes all the way to the back to tie a bow. A double layer of eyelet hooks are used to fasten the back. I believe you call the pattern paisley, it is a beautiful mix of rose, creams, blues and black. I can not see any stains. This product is old and beautiful. The hooks appear to be fragile at seams.

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