Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hot Tub Party Talk

No, I wasn't invited to a hot tub party; the kids have been invited to spend the weekend -- complete with 'spa party fun' -- at their wealthy aunt's house. It's totally unfair that my sister invites the kids over for such relaxation and doesn't invite my husband & I to do the same. What stress do kids have? None, compared to those of a their momma. But they get to soak their troubles away while I just get to dream of one day having my own hot tubs. Yes, hot tubs; because I want my own private spa and I want a hot tub outside on the back deck (the idea of being bubbly warm and then dashing across the snow makes me pretty hot!).

My inner sanctuary will be pink and called the Pink Palace, just like Jayne Mansfield's.

However, I won't do shag carpeting, nor a heart shaped tub (wasted room for when I let hubby join me). So far, the closest I've come to my own Pink Palace was the little chair. And even then mine had a blue seat. I was planning on recovering it 'one day', but as the chair was either used only by the cat (and covered in so much hair that I never wanted to sit on it and play spa girl) or covered in magazines and dirty laundry (thanks, family, for killing the dream). So I sold the chair a few years ago... Guess who too? Yeah, you guessed it: my sister.

I could just bean her.

However, she did take the kids for the entire weekend. And with the kids gone, hubby and I have a weekend to ourselves and so you can expect a lot of blog posts from yours truly this weekend. *wink*

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Anonymous said...

gee whiz, if kiddies are gone for the weekend won't hubby be disappointed if you spend all your time blogging?