Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cover Dujour (A Contest Alert!)

Dujour, America’s first independent, internationally distributed, print-on-demand indie fashion and lifestyle publication dedicated exclusively to emerging designers and artists, has started their third cover contest.
Instructions are easy. You have a frothy and delightful helping of cover options below, all numbered at the top. You can comment here or on any of the blogs running our contest. Simply leave the number of the cover and any of your usual love/hate comments. Votes will be tallied after one week and winners will be announced days before the new and breathtaking new ____ Issue hits stands! And yes, we are leaving the title blank because…………drum roll please….commenters selected at random who guess the correct theme of this new issue will be sent a Dujour snail mail goody bag!
This is my vote for the cover, which looks like a Teen issue to me. (Or maybe I'm just getting too long in the tooth and it's an Innocence cover.)

See the other cover image options and vote here at Dujour's blog.

If you're not familiar with Dujour, check out past issues and subscribe here -- subscribing to digital issues is greener and cheaper too (but I'm a paper-loving page-flipping nut myself).

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