Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Creative Eco-Friendly Tips From Project Ethos Artists & Fashion Designers

If you read my lingerie blog, you know I've gone ga-ga for Project Ethos events (which is rather pun-ny as Lady Gaga's personal DJ, Space Cowboy, will be at Thursday's event *giggle*). Since tomorrow's Project Ethos event in San Diego is on Earth Day, some of the artists and fashion designers participating in the event are sharing some of their eco-friendly tips.

Photographer Meghan Horsburgh: I always reuse packaging supplies when possible. When I receive photos from my printer, I save the packaging and reuse it when I mail print orders to customers. I do the same thing if I buy someone else's art - I save the packaging and reuse it to ship my own. If I don't have anything on hand that I can reuse, I like to buy shipping envelopes made from recycled.

ARKA designer: We use non-toxic eco-friendly inks for all our prints so we don't harm the environment.

Artist Yeara: I like to cook so instead of throwing leftovers out, I'll mix it into a new batch of food so the flavors from the leftovers will be mixed into the new dish.

Mixed media artist Matt Harward: I recycle with my kids at home and we try not to use plastic. We also take nature walks so they can see the importance of nature. With students, we recycle excess paper, bottles and cans, as well as wood to paint on. I also use paint from the dump for artwork. Most importantly, we turn off lights when not using them.

Eco-Panda designer Ian West: We are driven to preserve our natural environment and we strive to achieve this by using recycled nylon for all of our swimsuits. This recycling process from discarded commercial fish nets to beautiful swim suits uses 27% less natural petroleum resources and emits 28% less greenhouse gasses during the manufacturing process. Personally, in addition to recycling as much of my daily trash as possible, my goal is to help plant new trees in the vast burn areas that were devastated by Fires in Southern California last fall.

Illustrator Kelli Murray: In addition to being an artist, I design for a clothing company called Jedidiah and many of the T-shirts we use to print on are made from organic cotton or recycled polyester. Every time you shop, make sure to check the labels for fabric content to see if the t-shirt you are buying is supporting an earth-friendly environment. Also, make sure to always put your PC/MAC computer on "sleep" mode!

Stacie Taylor - Stacie May designer: Instead of tossing all my fabric scraps, I donate them to a charity that makes dolls that police officers provide children when they have to take them from their homes. I've also been recycling since before there were any official programs put in place. My mom used to make us sort all of our cans, paper and glass and she would haul it quite a distance to the recycling plant. It's so ingrained in me that I cringe at the thought of anything recyclable going to the landfill!

Artist Christy Pepper Dawson: I obsessively save paper scraps. I never know when I'll need them for packaging, test strips, or my next sketch.

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