Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is True Fashion Unwearable? Top New Indie Designers Dish

Here's a bit of my interview with fashion designer Stacie Taylor of the Stacie May Collection:
I really like that your clothing can be worn -- it's not impractical stuff you "covet and closet." While your shop offers what most of us would call the standard retail rack sizes, not "plus sizes," you do offer custom sizing. Do you design with the average woman in mind, both in terms of livable clothing and sizing, as opposed to art you hang on a hanger?

I do try to design with the average woman in mind, such as myself, while still achieving a unique and creative look. It's been somewhat challenging to do so in a bit more casual town such as San Diego having a design style that's a little on the dressier side. My next collection will incorporate many more separates and everyday pieces as well as elegant dresses so that SD and all women don't feel like they necessarily need a specific occasion to wear one of my pieces. I offer custom sizing because not all women have the exact proportions of standard sizes. There is nothing I love more than to make a piece that's custom to a specific woman's measurements.
Since I find this concept of "covet then closet" -- meaning fashion that people love, but no body can wear -- rather intriguing, I decided to see how other fashion designers in the Project Ethos event would respond. Here's what they had to say when I asked, "Do you design with the average woman in mind, both in terms of livable clothing and sizing, as opposed to art you hang on a hanger?"

Gordana Gehlhousen, GOGA by Gordana (Season six contestant on Project Runway): Yes. I design for ANY woman who wants to look beautiful, stylish and also feel comfortable at the same time. My clothing is totally wearable but also very unique, so you can still find it artistic but its never overly done or uncomfortable to wear out.

Jesus Estrada, Haus of Estrada (Season seven contestant on Project Runway): I design for the average woman who is into looking very edgy and youthful, but classy at the same time. Even though my aesthetic trends lean toward the dark and punky side of fashion, I like to make sure there is a touch of elegance and comfort with each design so it does appeal to the average woman.

Ian West, Eco-Panda: It is essential to design with the average woman's body type in mind. My job, in swimwear especially, is to create a garment or swimsuit that flatters and enhances the body's features. A swimsuit is an escape, an adventure or even a dare for the wearer. I feel that, by paying close attention to exceptional fit and detail of the suit and designing vibrant energetic prints, this will provide a young woman a confidence she is seeking. Our suits at Eco-Panda are made by using recycled nylon, proving that environmentally conscious fashion doesn't have to lack style or quality.

Tiffany Tassano, OrganicPlanet: My accessories are down-to-earth and comfortable. I make items that I would actually want to wear on a day to day basis. Every item I sell is designed and created by myself or my husband, and the nature of the materials we use makes every item unique. In that sense, my accessories may be considered practical art for the everyday woman.

Eleonore Santos, Garden Party: I definitely design for the average woman. I love the art of fashion more than anything but, in terms of my design aesthetic, fashion is something that should serve a purpose as well as be beautiful and interesting. I think all designers design for some fantastic version of themselves, attempting to marry the two competing concepts of art and practicability.

PS A number of Project Ethos participants, artists and fashion designers, also gave some eco-friendly tips in the spirit of Earth Day -- being everyday.

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