Monday, June 21, 2010

The Move

If you're wondering how the move is going...

My house is so packed with wall-to-wall boxes with little tiny pathways, that if you lifted the roof off this joint, I'd look like a rat continually looking for the proverbial cheese.

10 days (or, as I see it, that's nearly two weeks) without television. (Cable was set up and "on," but the previous renters had ripped out the access points when they put in satellite so we had to schedule another appointment for that.)

I am writing all this from my perch: a netbook set on the cat's scratching post.

Happy birthday week to me?

1 comment:

Petra Bellejambes said...

I have wondered how you were doing, and glad to know that the chaos is manageable my dear.

Good luck with everything. I hope all the crinolines fluff up to full volume soonish.

(Happy Birthday to you as well)

xxoo - Petra