Friday, July 30, 2010

Ice Cube Treatment - Uncensored

Brazilian Musician Bernardo Segall Giving Wife Valerie Bettis an Ice Cube Treatment

Nina Leen photograph of Brazilian Musician Bernardo Segall Giving Wife Valerie Bettis an Ice Cube Treatment. I hope you're not too disappointed *wink*

Shoes Like These Make Me Want To Get My Scissors Out

When I see shoes like these, I want to use the scissors to punch holes in the sides of my shoes and lace satin ribbons through the vamps and wind it around and around my ankles and up and up my legs...

Hubby had either keep me away from the scissors or away from the closet, because I'm really in love with this idea now. ...I have lots of satin ribbon. Oooh! And I have velvet ribbon too!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bling! Bling! Diamonds For Your Ceiling - And Beyond!

You've probably seen these fabulous diamond faceted lightbulbs by Eric Therner -- I saw the images "everywhere," but the damn Tumble-Tards didn't include a link. I hate it when they do that! I'll be cool and give you plenty of links, including to the designer's site and make it easy-peasy to purchase. Note: with the 15 watts halogen lamp, you get 2000 life-hours per light!

Dreamily Reading Surrounded By Decorator Dogs

By deco photographer, Madame Yevonde.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Just Love It!

Natalie Portman photographed in 1996 by Ellen von Unwerth.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Serious Way To Identify Your Own Handbag

Hally McGehean, known for her Dirty Dirty Dress (which she modeled herself in Playgirl Magazine), and assorted other sordid fabulosity, teaches all how to make a plastic portrait photo purse.

Leggy Peggy Was A Popular Interior Designer

With a reputation built on creating luxury boudoirs, her motto was, "Only things good enough for me are good enough for you!" She was so good -- and so pretty -- no one minded her peculiar behaviors, like providing stool samples in clients' beds.

Another vintage photo from bondman2 auctions.

It Was Only Paper Ladies

Paper party decorations, seating card place-holders, etc., from the 1920s.

Speak Softly...

And carry a GIANT fan. ...Be-ribboned stocking tops couldn't hurt either *wink*

Image credits: Ellen von Unwerth photo of Emma Decaunes for Playboy France, December, 2008.

Normally, Wet Cats Are To Be Avoided

Slim Aarons photo of the fabulous pool at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami.

Of Hang Nails & Hooker Nails

There are few body parts you can play with safely in public; your hair is one, and fingernails is another. Perhaps this is why so many funky nail designs are coming back into vogue again. Fro example, reports on 13 New Things To Do To Your Nails. (13 in 8 slides?)

The Color-Tipped French Manicure aka The Reverse French Manicure aka Hooker or Stripper Nails is interesting -- though I would recommend staying away from the dark tips because your hands just look dirty. Eeeeiiwww!

(Glamour offers cheap $2 DIY sticker tips on the tips here.)

But what nail fashion has me enamoured? The hanging chains manicures shown at at the Gareth Pugh show in Paris this past spring. It's not only a body part you can play with, but an invitation for others to play too!

According to The Frisky, the look was created by "nail pro Marian Newman for Creative Nail Design extended the look to their nails, too. These hanging chains are the latest in the recent crop of textured nails during 2010’s various fashion weeks."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tiers Of A Lamp

Tiered Mid-Century Modern lamp with Art Deco design of wooden steps with rings of alternating antiqued gold and period green metal.

I Love Everything About This Vintage French Postcard

I love the pillows, the stuffed doggie, the (oilcloth?) wallpaper... Too bad I can't see more of everything in the postcard.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Decorate With Doctor Zhivago

The doctor is thinking "white." ...Because it snows goes with everything.

Belt One On - Get A Heart-On

Cute vintage belt of thin red leather woven through wide gold-tone links with golden drops of hearts that dangle.

Get Rid Of Ugly Knobs

Update your vanity with these Antique gold-toned drawer pulls with floral designs and golden orange celluloid inserts.

Sexy Poses Aren't Easy To Hold

Via LJ.

See Sea Otter?

I do.

Sea Otter Necklace, Zealandia Designs.

Pretty Pink Princess Pup

You know, this is cute -- as a photo. But I seriously take issue with people who treat living creatures as inanimate dolls to dress up.

Via Glamour Kills.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"A" Is For Apple

"R" is for red.

Via LJ.

Beauty Is Evil

At least the Disney version is. Whatever your thoughts on the conglomerates involved, one thing is for sure: I must collect the M·A·C Venomous Villains Cosmetic Collection, due out at the end of September (2010). (Oodles more info at Little Pink Book.) I find the packaging incredibly sexy. ...I wonder what Freud -- and you -- might have to say about that?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Carmen Was Such A Drama Queen

Not only did she over-dress for game night, but she'd never let you give her the answer for charades.

Via Flickr (via Silent Porn Star.)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shoes Fit For Any (Possibly Vintage) Powder Room?

When I spotted these Emilio Pucci high-heeled sandals in my Shop It To Me sales alert, I instantly thought of Estée Lauder Blue -- a light blue-green, aka Pantone color 655. A pale turquoise shade, if you will.

It's probably not an exact match; but I instantly recalled the lore I learned years ago when I became an Estée Lauder counter girl at Marshall Field's.

Early on, in the mid-1940s, Josephine Esther Mentzer -- or Estée, as she dubbed herself -- wanted her product packaging to look beautiful on display in any powder rooms. So she carried sample jars of varying colors around in her purse, discretely setting them out in all the bathrooms she visited (be it the personal powder rooms in friends' homes, or the public ones of restaurants, etc.) to view the aesthetic appeal of each color in each setting. Eventually she settled on the specific blue-green as it best complimented the wallpapers and colors of bathrooms as well as being elegant on its own.

So now, the impression that I'm left with is that these Pucci shoes, should they actually be the correct shade, would look fabulous in any bathroom. At least those which favor the decor and colors of vintage 1940's power rooms.

Estée Lauder image credits via iOffer: Vintage Estée Lauder Compact with original box & Estée Lauder Idealist Set.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I hope you can see this gif -- if not, try clicking it; if that doesn't work, well, I got it here.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

She Looked To The Heavens

And gave a silent prayer for hair products.

Image via Dancing Days.