Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keep Warm With Vintage Pin Ups - And Superman

I simply have to make one of these in my lifetime!

Incredible Vintage 40s Novelty Quilt Pin Up Girl and Superman:
Here is a very unique cotton novelty quilt made up of approximately 80 squares with 40 of these featuring a multitude of approximately 30 pin-up girls with approximately 9 patches of children (it is difficult to discern with certain patches if they are young women or still adolescents) and right in the middle stands the one and only “Superman”. It measures 68” x 78”. The quilt itself is made up of a calico like print in blue and white with white cotton squares which feature the embroidered squares which have been made up with cut out cotton fabrics from the 1940s and then embroidered over. It is fully lined in white cotton and it is all hand-stitched. The quilt is rough and somewhat worn around the top edge and has some fading to the blue (more so to the bottom of the quilt) but there is also some at the top and throughout the quilt here and there. It features young ladies doing various things, like playing tennis, skating, skiing, ballet dancing, at the beach, out of the bath, exercising, saluting, skipping rope, etc.

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