Friday, October 08, 2010

"M" Is For Marilyn, Moda, & Moaning

We all know the story of Marilyn Monroe, how her name was created to make her the Mmmmm Girl, well now you can officially add Moda, a brand of DiLiddo & Perego, to the list of things to moan over -- or perhaps even things to moan upon. (Click the photos for much larger images -- to see all the details!)

Beautiful hand painted furniture for your Mmmm Girl Boudoir!

More info on the Marilyn Collection available at Imagine Living -- which carries Moda too!

PS If Marilyn isn't your design scheme, how about these other Moda "Prince" chairs?

Comic & Flower armchairs.

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Elvira's Roundabout said...

marilyn monroe's undying fans will definitely grab these furniture.

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