Monday, October 18, 2010

Spook-tacular Halloween Contest For Book & Art Lovers

Louise Bohmer's got a contest:

Choose Your Own Character Contest. Would you like to enter? Like to check out a copy of The Black Act? Details below:

From now until Halloween, you can enter to have your favorite character from The Black Act drawn by my hubby, Steven Deikoff Want an 8 x 11 of the Queen of Samhain, the Oak King, Anna, Claire, Borion, or Luthien? Here's how to enter:

Between now and October 31st, simply post your review of The Black Act on its Amazon or Goodreads page:

The Black Act on Amazon

The Black Act on Goodreads

and send me an email to: blackfaery76 'at' to let me know your review is up. Whether the review is good or bad does not matter! Every review that goes up between now and October 31st will be entered into the contest. All you need to do is email me with your name to let me know the review is posted.

Contest closes at midnight on Halloween. I look forward to your reviews and entries! Please feel free to spread the contest all over the interwebs. I'd much appreciate it.

PS -- I'll throw in 8x 11 maps from the book as well.

PPS -- Don't have a copy of The Black Act, but want to read it? Low on cash? Like ebooks? It's only $2.99 on Kindle now!

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