Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Noir Dame Vices

Smoke & furs; two unacceeptable vices.

Evan Rachel Wood photo via S & M = Smoke & Mirrors (NWS).

An Affordable Purple Candlelier!

This Purple Crystal Candlelier is so affordable because the crystals are made of acrylic. Hey, that only means I need to worry a little less when I dust it. *wink*

Pen Pals

Every woman needs a sexy red fountain pen.

Save 10% on these and other select gift items using coupon code CPENSNMORE10 at pens_n_more. Free shipping too.

Sexy Little Shawl Sweater Vests

I knew as soon as I posted this photo of the Tori Rose Top Embroidered Sheer Stockings, Miss Fussypants was not only going to "snag" the stockings but she was going to put the pic on her NWS Tumblr because she loves the short sweaters; so I've made a little shopping list for her. And you, of course!

There's the Rachel Zoe Shawl Collar Sweater Vest, the Elie Tahari sweater vest, and, my favorite, this Crochet Shawl Top.

Just don't forget the stockings! *wink*

Julia Marlowe Lounges

What a lovely looking stage actress from the turn of the last century Julia Marlowe was!

My Coggles Goggles

Coogles has a contest but it requires FaceBook to enter... Since I abhor the FB, I'm doing my imaginary shopping here.

If I won, I'd start my shopping with something from Priestly's Vintage, like this purple Roxy dress.

Watches Don't Quite Chime, But... I Hear Gucci Bells This Holiday

Gucci's 116 Signoria ladies watch with mother of pearl dial and diamonds, only $697.50 (and free shipping) with coupon code CAUTHWATCH10 at eBay's authenticwatches*com.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

How To Get The Gifts You Want From The Man (Or Men) In Your Life

Part 3 in my Holiday Survival Guide (Part One, Part Two)

It's not just a myth; many men are hapless and helpless when it comes to getting gifts.

It's not just that many don't like shopping, but that what you are asking for is completely foreign to them. (Rather like me searching for power tools or tech gadgets!)

So be kind and give him the direction he needs -- you know he won't ask for it *wink*

Here are some tips to help you help your man.

Don't hint; be specific.

* For handwritten lists, spell it out; write it down, in as much detail as possible.
Both in the what... Such as, "Black stockings not thigh-highs (that means the stockings need garters!) in size Long"

And the where...

Favorite stores (name, addresses &/or URL; contact name, email &/or phone)

If you know the salesperson, shop owner, seller, knows you well enough, tell them that you're confident in their ability to direct your man.

* If you find something in a store flyer or magazine, hand it to him as part of your list, along with any details, such as color, size, etc.

* Send him the link to your online wish lists, which allow you to have your size, color, and other specifications listed.

Don't worry -- if you give him a dozen suggestions, you'll still be surprised -- in a good way!

To help him in the future....

The old days of tucking those business cards with your basic bio information on the back into his wallet may not be completely gone...

Write this information down for him, or program it into his cell phone, Blackberry or PDA:

The Important Dates: your birth date, anniversary, other special days.

Your Measurements & Sizes: For clothing, lingerie, shoes, and jewelry.

Your Favorite Color(s): If you have one favorite color or favorite colors for different things (such as you love red lingerie, silvertone jewelry, etc.).

Favorite Stores: Give him the store name, addresses &/or URL. If you have a contact name, email &/or phone, share that too.

Unacceptable or "Don't" List: If there are brands, products or items you do not want, let him know. (For me it's "No appliances, self-help books, or scales." But maybe you're allergic to something else?)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shopping On Saturday Is Nothing To Sneeze At

I obviously knew of Days of the Week panties; but hankies are new to me.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Christmas Bracelet

Handmade red and green bracelet with glass millefiori beads and silver accents.

Holy Doily: A Mighty Fine Decorative Textile

An antique silk embroidered Roman Catholic cope hood for priest's vestment: four golden shared outlined in crimson on deep purple silk satin with yellow and purple braid and metallic gold fringe. I'd love it as a runner or doily or piano shawl.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Could Have Danced All Night

In this 1950s pastel party dress of sheer lace, three layers of net tulle for that New Look volume to contrast the tiny waistline, a fitted cuffed shelf bust -- that is not bothered at all by the fitted lace bolero!


This vintage Matador's "Suit of Lights" jacket from the 1920s or 30s is loaded with gold and silver bullion embroidery. It's fit for a King -- or at least a purple Prince.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Surviving The Holidays, Part 2

Did you read and complete Part One? If not, get to it! Here's the next step in my plan to survive the holidays: Make your own wish lists.

I know you're busy making lists for the kids, the spouse (or spousal equivalent), and anyone else you are a caretaker for; and I know you're busy trying to get lists from all those you have to buy gifts for, if not shopping already. But if you don't make the time now to list all the things you want for Christmas, well, you know what sorts of unwanted things you'll find in your stocking and under the tree...

These less-than thrilling things bring not only disappointment (for you as well as the gift giver who wants to delight you), but mean trips to the mall to return or exchange them -- or more clutter.

Here are some quick trips to make holiday wish list creation easier:

I know that sometimes the worst part of making lists, for some of us, is coming up with what to put on it.  We spend so much time thinking of others, it's difficult to answer the question, "What do I want?"  Here are a few ideas to jog some ideas...
* Since you're reading here, you probably read at a number of blogs and websites; check to see if any of them have lists of holiday favorites or gift suggestions.

* Check your bookmarks.  You might be surprised the number of things you've marked for dreaming over later that you might just be able to receive!

* I'm a firm believer that gifts should be luxuries, but that doesn't mean they need always be ridiculous. How many times a week do you find yourself sighing and wishing for something around the house? Maybe you hate folding those shabby towels, simply hate that can opener, wish the folding trays for snacking while watching TV weren't so rickety; whatever those wishes are, right them down on your list.

* Borrow ideas from the Christmas lists you are given!  One year, my sister was in the know about a great book I'd never heard of. Last year, my mom's request for a fancy comforter reminded me about those sheets I'd wanted but couldn't afford. And my niece has the best taste in music -- so I always want a CD or two that's on her list.
Now look at your list -- is it specific enough? Instead of "bath towels," you should list something more specific, such as "set of four pale blue bath sheets," etc.

This is especially true for all the men in your life. Don't make him guess, be specific!  (I really should post a guide just for getting the gifts you want from your man; we'll see if there's time.)

Now that you've made your list, it's time to delegate to Santa's elves!
* Use online services to make wishlists and send to links to those who shop online and/or seem to "live" online.  Used correctly, most of these wish lists keep track of what's been bought in such a fashion so that gift givers won't purchase what has already been purchased yet you won't see what has been purchased for you.

* For those who do not shop online and/or prefer shopping at stores, make individual paper lists (i.e. each list has different items; it is not the same list copied). Individual lists not only limit the possibility of receiving duplicates, but they can be tailored to the preferences of the gift giver. (Aunt Martha prefers the malls, your sister is the jewelry expert, you and your friends have agreed to limit the prices of gifts this year, etc.; and you can hide what ideas you borrowed from the lists of others, if you think that would bother them.with)

If you present you list and the gift giver comments that they've already completed their shopping, tell them they can keep the list of ideas for your next birthday, anniversary, etc.
Now make -- and distribute -- those lists!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Friday, November 05, 2010

There Is No Occasion Too Small For A Giant Bow

That's what WHBM says in their ad in this month's Elle.  Those of us alive & kickin' it in the 80s may beg to differ -- or at least take a pass on the big bows over our butts. (Would you care to buy one of a dozen similar brides maids dresses?)

(Hey, while you're here, check out part one of my holiday survival guide for fashionistas, glamour girls, and those who wanna be so glam but just feel too poor and tired!)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mistress Of The Night

Photo from Past Life.

Sweet Smelling Savings

Now through December 20, 2010, you'll save 10% off your order at FragranceNet when you use coupon code CFRAGNET10 at PayPal checkout.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tootsie Please With Cherries On Top

Vivienne Westwood and Melissa present their Autumn Winter 2010 Lady Dragon shoes: high-heeled cream PVC peep-toed shoes with adjustable ankle-straps and bright cherries topping your toes.

Bacall Lounges In White

You can't be Bacall, but if you had to choose between the fine lounging attire or the fine lounging location, which would you choose? ...I'm thinking I must have the wallpaper -- I have plenty of dressing gowns. *wink*