Monday, November 22, 2010

How To Get The Gifts You Want From The Man (Or Men) In Your Life

Part 3 in my Holiday Survival Guide (Part One, Part Two)

It's not just a myth; many men are hapless and helpless when it comes to getting gifts.

It's not just that many don't like shopping, but that what you are asking for is completely foreign to them. (Rather like me searching for power tools or tech gadgets!)

So be kind and give him the direction he needs -- you know he won't ask for it *wink*

Here are some tips to help you help your man.

Don't hint; be specific.

* For handwritten lists, spell it out; write it down, in as much detail as possible.
Both in the what... Such as, "Black stockings not thigh-highs (that means the stockings need garters!) in size Long"

And the where...

Favorite stores (name, addresses &/or URL; contact name, email &/or phone)

If you know the salesperson, shop owner, seller, knows you well enough, tell them that you're confident in their ability to direct your man.

* If you find something in a store flyer or magazine, hand it to him as part of your list, along with any details, such as color, size, etc.

* Send him the link to your online wish lists, which allow you to have your size, color, and other specifications listed.

Don't worry -- if you give him a dozen suggestions, you'll still be surprised -- in a good way!

To help him in the future....

The old days of tucking those business cards with your basic bio information on the back into his wallet may not be completely gone...

Write this information down for him, or program it into his cell phone, Blackberry or PDA:

The Important Dates: your birth date, anniversary, other special days.

Your Measurements & Sizes: For clothing, lingerie, shoes, and jewelry.

Your Favorite Color(s): If you have one favorite color or favorite colors for different things (such as you love red lingerie, silvertone jewelry, etc.).

Favorite Stores: Give him the store name, addresses &/or URL. If you have a contact name, email &/or phone, share that too.

Unacceptable or "Don't" List: If there are brands, products or items you do not want, let him know. (For me it's "No appliances, self-help books, or scales." But maybe you're allergic to something else?)

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