Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fancy Vintage Fingernails

Mary Carlisle has lady-bug nails and Martha Sleeper shows off her manicured zebra stripes in this bit from Photoplay 1932.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How Badly Do You Need To Switch On That Light?

Mental Floss on The Blood Lamp:
This Blood Lamp doesn’t look that bloody, but the way you turn it on can be considered gruesome. It only works once, and you need to add of a drop of your blood to activate it! The idea is to stop and think about how badly you need light before you use it. Designer Mike Thompson created the lamp in order to draw attention to how much energy we waste.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Glistening Lavender & Violet Crystals

My heart goes pitter-pat for this Sorrelli Violet Eyes Crystal Bib Necklace.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm "Bedding" You'll Be Interested In This Contest!

I just published a post on how to identify a lady's lingerie personality by her bedding and so I've got bedding on my mind...

Ascending Butterfly has a contest right now where you can win a $300 gift certificate to Leggett & Platt. So I entered and looked about...

I really like the Sylvania Canopy Bed.

If you can tell me what that might say about me and my lingerie personality -- especially when you combine that with some info about my bedding choices -- I'll give you an extra entry in my designer handbag contest. Yup, an extra entry, even if you're wrong. Because I'm a very complicated woman and I can't fault you for not being right; it's the effort that counts *wink*

PS Don't forget the contests at my lingerie blog!

This Contest Is In The Bag! (Calvin Klein Python Shopper Bag Giveaway!)

Got stuff to schlep? I can't decrease the amount of stuff you need to schlep or the number of errands you need to run, but I can help one lucky winner schlep with lots more style!

Thanks to, a new online shopping portal offering the designers you love at prices you'll love even more, I'm giving away one Calvin Klein Python Shopper bag!

This stylish solution to schlepping has a MSRP $118!

How do you win?

It's easy, just tell me what you'd schlep more stylishly in the CK tote if you won. (Or, if you'll be giving the Calvin Klein Python Shopper bag as a gift, who that lucky-ducky is!)

There are 5 ways to enter:
(And you can enter each way daily!)

Email your answer to along with the name/id you'd like used should I mention your entry here at A Tad Too Much Tan For Taupe.


Post your entry as a comment -- if you do this, please make sure I've got your email address, because if you're the winner I'll need your email address to contact you regarding your shipping information.


Post your entry at your blog -- if you do this you must include in your post both a link to this post and to and email your link as an entry to me so that I do not miss your post.


Tweet your entry -- to do this, you must include a link to this post -- here's a cut and paste tweet you can use:
I entered @SlipOfAGirl's contest because I want to win a designer handbag from @DesignerChatter!
(Follow me on Twitter, so that I can contact you should you win!)


First, "like" Designer Chatter at Facebook and, second, post a link to this post. (Please remember to email me a link to your Facebook post so that I see it and have a means to contact you should you win!)

You are allowed to enter one of each way daily -- that's up to 5 entries a day!
What a way to increase your odds!

This contest is open to readers of A Tad Too Much Tan For Taupe who reside in the USA.

Entries must be received before December 18 (that would be midnight, central time, on December 17, 2010). Only entries as described above, with means to contact, will be included in the random draw on December 19, 2010.

Ruffles & Waves

Norma Shearer lounges in Smilin' Through.

$50 Vintage Lingerie Gift Certificate Giveaway!

I'm continuing my spree of holiday contests by giving away a $50 gift certificate at Theda Bara Vintage Lingerie!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Vintage Fur Fashions

December, 1950; photos by Richard Avedon. Via Devodotcom.

Antique Flower Vase Or Conversation Killer?

I know if I had seen these amber-red glass pieces with the holes and metal hangers on the sides I totally would have thought they were -- and used them as -- hanging flower vases. But it turns out, they are antique or vintage mortuary bleeding jars! Not that I think it would change my mind about their use; it would just add to the conversation about them.

...And hubby probably wouldn't let me hang them up in the kitchen. Or the bedroom, either. lol

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Merry Christmas From Ruth Roman

Studio photo, circa 1950s.

Say "Yes!" To The Dress

But I'm thinking Jeanette MacDonald should say, "No!" to the ring -- because it's not merely some bling. He wants to ring-a-ding-ding, if you get my mean-ing. lol (Still from Love Me Tonight.)

Monday, December 06, 2010

Dramatic Bold Glamour Or Some Clunky Stuff That Will Annoy?

I found this Semi-Precious Stone Elastic Bracelet, by Vera Wang, in my Sale Mail Alert. It's one of those spectacular pieces that I'm not sure if I love or hate... One of those pieces I'd have to own and wear to decide if it's dramatic bold glamour or some clunky stuff that will get in the way and annoy me. Anyone care to give me one so I can report back with my fashion findings? *wink*

Keep Your Cruella DeVille Comments To Yourself

Or go ahead and say them because I don't really care -- I adore this vintage Schiaparelli lamp and mink fur coat.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Let It Snow; We're Gonna Swing, Baby!

I'm pretty sure that if Prince had ever seen this vintage raspberry wool boucle coat by Gotham Coats, the song would have been Raspberry Boucle. Sure, the lyrics would have been adjusted in several places, but the coat inspires them easily enough.

The Lace May Be An Illusion, But...

The wiggles will be real when you put your curves inside this vintage black Elinor Gay dress.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Stella Stevens, Lounging In The Mad Room

What Deco Dreams Are Made Of

And why such dreams keep us warm: An incredible art deco blue silk velvet and fur coat with a matching fur muff. Both the coat and muff are lined with silk. Don't you just want to at least touch it, just once?

I'm Not Sure I Care Who Katherine Parker Tuck Was, But I Think She Was Killed For Her Satin Bodice

Maybe they didn't kill people over fashions back in the 1870s; but this beautiful ivory satin bodice surely made a few women think about it...

Square cut neckline, trimmed with thin bands of pleated satin and illusion net lace, lined in silk, and a satin covered buttons the full length of the back a back.

Roisin Dubh: An Eerie Earwrap

The Rose of Passion Earwrap would go perfectly with your rose-topped stockings, yes?

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Pastel Gemstones Are Pretty -- And On Sale

Save 20% off this three carat mystic topaz and pink sapphire white gold ring and other select gemstone jewelry using coupon code CGEMSTONE20 at check out.

Mary Anderson's Favorite Lounging Chair

I might not have any facts to back up my claims that this was Anderson's favorite chair, but why wouldn't it be?

Divorce, Darling

Divorce, Darling is a charming blog, part self-help, part shopping, dedicated to reminding you to sparkle a la the Gabor sisters:
Divorce isn’t a time to be sad for too long. Take what you can get out of it then rebuild your life, better and brighter than ever before. Become your own phoenix, don’t linger in the ashes. Ashes blow away if you let them.

Win Sexy Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie!

Enter my lingerie contest to win lovely things from Kiss Me Deadly -- like this peach teddy inspired by my vintage lingerie blog!