Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm "Bedding" You'll Be Interested In This Contest!

I just published a post on how to identify a lady's lingerie personality by her bedding and so I've got bedding on my mind...

Ascending Butterfly has a contest right now where you can win a $300 gift certificate to Leggett & Platt. So I entered and looked about...

I really like the Sylvania Canopy Bed.

If you can tell me what that might say about me and my lingerie personality -- especially when you combine that with some info about my bedding choices -- I'll give you an extra entry in my designer handbag contest. Yup, an extra entry, even if you're wrong. Because I'm a very complicated woman and I can't fault you for not being right; it's the effort that counts *wink*

PS Don't forget the contests at my lingerie blog!

1 comment:

Tracy said...

You like an un-cluttered, yet un-pretentious space. You enjoy the finer things, higher end thread count, but they still must be inviting and comfortable. The four post says, this is my space, my zone of tranquility, respect it or I will use my new bouidiour curtains to keep you OUT! :-)