Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here's A Different Take On Home Decor

We all know that how we decorate our homes says a lot about us, but at The Separate Room, Lo discusses decor in terms of the therapist's office:

Of her therapy room I remember the Breuer chair. If you’ve never seen a Breuer chair do yourself a favour and google it or you can see one here.

Now I can assure you that a chair made with taught and slippery leather is not conducive to relaxation and trust.

The choice of such a stylish but uncomfortable chair could only be a narcissistic statement on the part of the therapist: she wanted to show off, the selfish toad!

Do you sacrifice looks, pride, for comfort and trust? Warm colors for actual human warmth?  I don't think I am -- mainly because I can't afford too *wink*  But are more public or common rooms as comfortable, as accessible, as private rooms like bedrooms?

Lo continues in part two, making me think about my home from a completely different perspective.

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