Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Get A Vintage Inspired Office (Or Home) And Save!

Remember when I showed you those yummy retro-fitted radios? Well, they -- and other cool antique and vintage re-dos -- are back at Gilt!

In the vintage office decor sale, there are more radios by 3ryan.
After acquiring an old radio (made anywhere between 1920 and 1970), this Brooklyn-based company takes it apart, cleans it, refinishes it, and then rewires the entire thing with brand-new components. Finally, they test it out to ensure the sound is good, and that it will last another lifetime. These radios may be refinished, rewired, and adapted to play your MP3s, but their retro aesthetic remains intact: They come in colors like moss, aqua, and salmon, and they’ve still got their old-school knobs, clocks, dials, and vents. Even the original fonts for brands like Zephyr, Zenith, and Silvertone have been left untouched. Refurbished retro radios from RCA, Silvertone, and Zephyr.

Also included in this limited time sale offering are works by Sarreid, such as the Rebound Leather Books shown below:

Founded in 1967 in Spain, Sarreid began as an antique accessory dealer, but quickly began adding in their own design ideas. Today, the company, based in North Carolina, commissions craftspeople worldwide to create handmade home accents and bench-made occasional furniture, which it sells to fine furniture stores and design galleries worldwide. The brand’s focus is on eight primary collections, including Encore IHF (Italian-influenced furniture crafted in Vietnam) and Madison Club (traditional chairs made of fine leather and wood).

And then too there are these -- my favorites in the collection: Travail Une Office Organizers by Aidan Gray.

Inspired from an antique well pulley, these office organizers hold it all. Made of recycled sheet metal and plated zinc with a weathered surface, they will hold pens, pencils, standard sized magazines and envelopes plus more. Our metal products are intended to look like vintage found objects and will continue to rust over time. Expect great variations in finish. Includes one expandable wall bracket. Envelope size opening is 4.5"x2". Magazine opening is 12"x2". Pencil opening is 2"x2".
Remember, all sale events at Gilt are set for a limited time, with limited quantities -- so if you want to save up to 30% or more, act quickly!

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