Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Bride Wore White (And What About Invites?)

Wasn't sure how to unwind last night, so I watched Liz Taylor in Father Of The Bride again... And fell so madly in love with her dress, again, I began to fantasize about renewing my vows -- or, more truthfully, of having a "real" wedding.

The fanciest thing about my wedding was the simple and elegant white wedding invitations.We had so little money, I had to make a choice about where to spend it and the invitations seemed the best choice... Not only for "appearances," but as a keepsake.

The crisp white of freshly printed invitations is an unusual and fitting announcement: pristine blank slates you write your future on and present to people you care about. To me, that means lots of white space on the invites, surrounding your names, your parents' names -- it's the preservation of the moment you begin, a family growing, of commitments and promises...

That's what weddings mark, really; the beginning of your lives joining your families -- with plenty of white space for your journey.

I saved a few of our invitations, and I (try to neatly) write little notes about our landmarks on the borders and backs of them. Little and big milestones penned in ink surround the fancy professional printing... A few goals, now and then too. That way, our wedding invites are literally the slates I write our family history on.

Ah, but the white dress...

Now that's just a lovely impractical thing. A way to mark the moment with beauty.

Promises of the future are beautiful things.

I personally prefer white for weddings -- the bride's dress, the invitations, the flowers, everything. So, yes, whether or not this non-virgin "should" wear white I'd wear it. Silly rules about virginity are irrelevant to me; I'd wear white and have everything white. White, white, white!

That's the color for weddings, no matter what the trends may be, in my opinion. It's not really about the tradition so much as about the opportunity... When else can you really wear white, dance in a world of white?

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