Friday, January 27, 2012

Drool-Worthy Gloves

In conversing in emails regarding what would become my revealing interview with Bijoux, Bijoux made this insightful little confession:
I'll always remember, "You can always tell the mark of a woman who puts on her gloves before she opens her front door, to the one that's still putting them on as she opens the gate." And funnily enough, I still put my gloves on before I open the door! Pavlov dog-like.
I wonder what she'll think of these incredible vintage gloves made of sheer navy nylon, which ruffle so lovely at the wrist? She professes a distaste for nylon, but I wonder... Personally, these little gloves make me drool -- but I'm not sure it's Pavlovian. *wink*


Bijoux said...

I found you, you minx!

No I'd wear them. They are georgeous, but I'd put them on before I open, the bedroom door.

These are for special occassions, when I'd be using other props too!

SlipOfAGirl said...

So glad you found "me" and this post!

But it sounds like you're the real minx ;)