Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Donuts For Dieters

Hand knit doughnuts from Lark; via.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Film Noir Meets Beach Blanket Bingo

Sexy film noir siren Myrna Dell as a pinup bathing beauty, in this photo by Fred Hendrickson.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Cool Winter Pick-Me-Up

Send a gal pal a Juicy Couture Hand Warmers with Nail Polish Set "just because." It will warm her heart even more than her hands! Originally $68, now only $33.32; sale found via Shop It To Me.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lounging With Foot Servants


How Tom-Boys Lounge

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dressing For Excess: Fashion For The Big Busted Woman

I'm talking about bra minimizers and breast reduction at the lingerie blog. But I thought it would be worth addressing the other ways to address big busts -- with how you dress. Here are few tips that work really well for me.

#1 Opt for a pretty open neckline, but not a plunging one that draws attention to your cleavage.

#2 Fitted fashions. Even if you wish your waist or hips were smaller or whatnot, wearing a top or dress that's large enough to cover The Girls but drapes like a tent from them (i.e. boxy fashions) just makes you look big everywhere -- with The Girls pointing the way.

The best way to do this? Two words: Princess Seams.

Here's an image of princess seams from Bradley Bayou's The Science Of Sexy, courtesy of Oprah. (Note the neckline too!)

Here's an image from The Knitting Harpy which shows how darts compare to princess seams. (The article also shows how modifying your knitting pattern to suit your shape. If you sew, here's a great article on how to convert a sewing pattern with darts to one with princess seams.)

#3 No horizontal stripes! Not on any blouse, top or dress.

#4 Avoid wearing short sleeves; they tend to end at your bustline, drawing more attention there.

More ideas in this great, but short, video from

Natalie Wood Lounges

Natalie Wood, another work of art in this gallery.

Here's some help for wall hangings.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lounge Like A... Scream Queen?

Faith Domergue photographed by Rod Tolmie as the sci-fi and horror scream-queen lounges on a rattan outdoor bed.

Walk Like A Picasso

Walk on a cubist heel with these United Nude pumps. Which now has me singing Billy Joel's Keeping The Faith: "Only Flagg Brothers had them with a Cuban cubist heel..." Shoes via.

Be An Upton Girl At The Beach: Save Money, Save The Environment

While everyone -- except Victoria's Secret -- is drooling over Kate Upton, who got the coveted spot on cover of this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, fashionistas can be buying the swimwear featured in a sale at Gilt (get your invite here).

Gilt has teamed up with Sports Illustrated this year, offering swimsuits like the styles in this year’s issue, as well as limited-edition surfboards and exhibition-quality prints from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2012. Plus 100 percent of the purchase price will benefit the Nature Conservancy’s beaches and oceans conservation work!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Red & Black

Normally I don't go for a chunky klunky shoe -- I prefer the slim and sultry high heel. But these Dolce Vita 'Joanna' Slingback Clogs seem so... Statuesque. And the black leather and red suede color-blocking is rich with a primal weight of some sort that makes my response rather visceral. I love them! Via Shop It To Me, where these shoes are now 1/3 off!

Happy Valentine's Day!

From Cyd Charisse & I!

Lounge Like A Hard-Boiled Canary

Grace Bradley poses in an art deco harem costume, inspired by the film The Hard Boiled Canary.

Monday, February 13, 2012

There's Always Time For Mod

Mod D&G watch on sale; via.

Sheer Seductive Delight

Everyone remembers Scarlet O'Hara's famous dress made from drapes in Gone With The Wind... But how much more spectacularly seductive would it have been had she used the sheer curtains? Here's the idea sketched in my mind brought to life by Barbara LaMarr in 1924s Sandra.

She Looks Like Drew Barrymore To Me

An original portrait photograph of Anita Louise taken by Elmer Fryer in the 1930s.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hair Like Brains

Metal Couture by Manuel Albarran.

Once In A Blue Moon...

It's time to buy a clock. Not just any clock; an art deco machine age 1930s original vintage cobalt blue mirrored glass and chromium cased electric clock by the Telechron Clock Company.

Mary Lou Dix Goddess

Not sure if this satin glamour dream is lingerie or club wear, but hot damn! Precode screen goddess Mary Lou Dix photographed by A.L. Whitey Schafer. Via.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Red Chainmail Is Good For Your Heart

You may have seen this Dancing Leaves Chainmaille Bib Necklace in the Valentine's Day gift list at GirlieGirl Army...

I myself am partial to the Goth Queen Chainmaille Necklace and the Chainmaille Red Scale Collar -- both also handmade aluminum chainmaille necklaces by KaliButterfly.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Two Words: Wiggle. Dress.

And few put a wiggle in a dress like Jayne Mansfield. Photo of Jayne in The Challenge, AKA It Takes a Thief (1960). Via.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Aquarella Swimwear Sponsor Of Miss France 2012 Pageant

Aquarella Swimwear was selected as the official swimwear sponsor for Miss France 2012 -- which is pretty fitting, because the swimwear brand founder and designer is Véronique de la Cruz, a former Miss France herself!

Véronique de la Cruz grew up on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe and was the first woman of color to ever win the title of Miss France (in 1993). Her Costa Rican company offers glamorous one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, and monokinis in solids and prints, in sizes ranging from XS to XL. The brand also features coordinating cover-ups that are stylish enough to take you straight from the beach to a party with ease.